Confessions of a Secret Black Friday Junkie

This year I have accepted the fact that I am a judger. So judgmental in fact, due to my past experience in retail, I have–in the past–judged everyone who participates in Black Friday sales.

Along with my recent realization that I am judgmental, I have also realized that I am definitely participating in Black Friday this year.

I will be at the mall, right there with all of you crazy sale junkies, fighting over the perfect holiday presents for my loved ones. But in reality, I will be actually fighting the fact that I want to shop for myself.

And just like every year, I start Black Friday thinking,


Am I the only, slightly selfish, person out there who thinks this way? Or are there others who face this challenge? It seems like the holidays put so much stress on what we have to give others and how extravagant our gifts have to be. Well, I’m here saying it’s okay to spend a little on yourself.

I say this as I sit here looking to purchase a toothbrush Gwyneth Paltrow just reviewed on Goop.

But I don’t care. I’m trying not to be so hard on myself these days. And part of doing that requires letting this anxiety over buying things for myself go. Indulging, if you will. Consuming, and enjoying it because sometimes you need to treat yo’ self. And if I totally get into debt on my credit card, at least I can join all of the rest of you as we walk down this road together, in solidarity sister.

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