Meditation Vibes, The Saga Continues

Day One: The beginning and also the end. Beginning of meditation, end of stress for the rest of my life. As if. Today I am beginning my practice for the next thirty days. I hope it goes well, I hope I don’t die. Haters gonna hate, and the meditators gonna meditate.

Day Two:  Let’s just say that setting a plan to do something is often ten times more difficult to follow through on. Possibly because I hate making plans but it could also just be the fact that for some reason I always feel a need to rebel. Blame my star sign. Either way, it was extremely difficult to sit down and actually start meditating. I began bright and early right after I had woken up and got ready for my day. I carved out 20 minutes before I headed to work, and at the fourteen-minute mark, I fell asleep.

Day Three: Saturday! The perfect day to meditate. False, Christmas Eve was by far the most difficult day to meditate. Not only did my family have tons of plans for the day, we also needed to prepare all of the food for Christmas Day. I still, however, began my meditation as soon as I finished helping my mother prep food. I  grabbed my headphones, phone and found a quiet spot. Let me tell you, the moment I began to focus on my breathing, I was immediately jolted with energy for the whole session. Day two felt like a small treasure the universe had sent down just for me. It was, for most parts, the exact same meditation I had done the previous day, but for some reason today it felt like sheer magic.

Day Four: Christmas Day, failed. Totally forgot to meditate due to the joy and wonder that is Christmas. I, however, am going to let myself slide because I am typically way too hard on myself and deserve a little break.

Day Five: I have found myself doing more research into meditation, different practices and techniques others have used. It’s been pretty helpful. I have realized that meditating in the same spot does wonders for me. It is almost like the spot I have been meditating in is the specific little corner of the world designated just for me. TIP: MEDITATE IN THE SAME SPACE.

Day Six: Back to the grind. Started off weird and disillusioned by the fact that it was so early in the morning. I am going to meditate today. I will meditate today, even if it’s in the office full of distractions, I will carve out exactly twenty minutes to dedicate myself to my practice.

Day Seven: OMG I LOVE MEDITATION. Today was really nice actually, this session, in particular, I found myself more centered, able to focus, and breathing deeper. Instead of feeling like 20 minutes went by it definitely felt like only ten had passed. Overall loving this.

If you are lost about what I am doing or haven’t read the first blog post check that out here…

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