The New Year is Here, So Now What

How were your New Year’s Eve celebrations? Did you stay in? Did you go out? I stayed in, with my family and played poker, danced, and brought the New Year in with Peach Bellini from Trader Joe’s. Then as soon as the New Year came in I wanted to go straight to bed because I was exhausted.

This past year has been a difficult one. 2016 was a year full of challenges for me, both personally and professionally. But I can honestly say, I feel more strong, more fearless, and more in love with myself and my life then I have ever been. I feel like for once I am starting to put myself first and it has given me confidence in a new way.That being said, every day is a challenge between being gentle with myself and then pushing myself to my limits.

So this year I wanted to start on the topic of New Year’s Resolutions. I know, cliche, I digress. Regardless I want to maybe change the way that we think about them. Primarily because back-in-the-day I was a pretty staunch New Year’s Resolution maker. Until about two years ago when I decided to not give a shit and just hope the year turned out great. Let’s start 2017 off on a different note. I am going to sleep past my alarm more because my body needs rest. I am going to buy the books and clothes that I want and still feel guilty about it because it makes me decide to give more. I am going to exercise when and how I want to and not because I feel pressure to meet societal demands. I am going to be more open to meeting and loving new people; and yet I am going to spend more time to myself because people can be irritating.

I am basically saying, let’s go easy on ourselves for 2017. Let’s enjoy our life and cherish every moment instead of feeling pressure to meet demands or others needs. Resolve to forget resolutions. I am going to aim to be the most honest and thoughtful version of myself. The latter half of 2016 really taught me it’s okay to be okay with who I am.

2017 is going to be a year to resolve to forget resolutions and chill the hell out, cut yourself some slack, enjoy the present moment, and remember to love. Or don’t, because you don’t have to. You get to choose to do whatever you want because all you have to do today is exist.

*Exhales deeply.*

Happy New Year, doesn’t it feel great to just breathe? Here’s to you and your little sassy selves and the glorious new year that is in front of us!


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