Meditation Vibes, The Saga Has Finally Ended

As I am coming to the end of my meditation challenge I have some closing thoughts.

In conversations that are too mundane, I have begun to blame my lack of paying attention, on meditation. For example, when you find yourself zoning out and when, in such instances, the other person finds out that you are zoning out, merely say, “Sorry, I was meditating.”

Immediately you will gain a new level of respect from the person because you have decided to focus your mind on spiritual things, instead of the monotony of every day. Said person will promptly praise your level of focus and the two of you can go on being friends.

If this does not occur, please don’t blame me.

I have also learned that if you actually attempt to make one spot in your home, office, workplace…wherever, your meditation spot, and return to that spot twice-a-day, you will subconsciously begin meditating. Call it the “baby steps” of meditation. I used this when I, for almost a week, stopped meditating.

Also, you don’t need any fancy meditation guides and or rhythmic music. Simply turn off your phone, sit your ass down, and focus on your breath. Inhale, exhale. Then close your eyes, when you are ready, and allow the noise in the background to exist. Don’t try and control anything, just breathe. Then eventually you will have been sitting in silence, meditating, for almost 10 minutes. Congrats you did it. That’s all you have to do!

The only thing I would also say to do is don’t skip out on doing it. I skipped for so long it was hard to get the hang of things again. However, don’t judge yourself for not being super focused the entire time. Allow your mind to wander but every time it does reel it back in.

No go forth and meditate your little balls of stress away.


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