Is Reinvented Memphis the New Millennial Minimalism?

Is Reinvented Memphis about the merge with, dare I say eclipse Millennial Minimalism? Every trendy designer has been talking about the latter since the exhaustive, out of touch, yet entertaining dive Forbes Magazine ran last year.

Minimalism does everything it sets out to do. Helps you declutter your life, makes people have to tidy up less because of the lack of stuff, and streamlines design to focusing on actually enjoying your life, outside of materialism. Sounds nice right? Minimalism is for everyone. Although I will say I jumped on the minimal bandwagon all because I had a terrible fear that I was the sole reason the world was being polluted.

Minimalism is clean, simple, muted colors with sometimes strong contrasts. It is nothing like Reinvented Memphis.

It is vulgar.

It is unapologetic.

Loudmouthed, and so clear about who it is. I feel like I just described Donald Trump.

Reinvented Memphis reminds me of the theme song to Saved By the Bell, and yet in a sense nods to minimalism in a different way.

Sure, there are still clean lines.

Sure, for the most part, it is clutter-free.

Sure, the colors are fun.

But where do we draw the line? It is so brazen and gives no apology for who it is. It takes the subtlety of minimalism and dropkicks it into last year.

Maybe I am reading far too much into this, as I do with most things. Nevertheless, I feel a need to inform you of the horrors of Memphis, and why it needs to stop. I understand all trends do come back around, who knows maybe by October I will be loving this look or finding ways to incorporate it into a home, but until that time I will vehemently protest Memphis. I will also follow up with a case study on this look and see what the random populous decides.

So I am saying no as to right now. Sorry Shonda Rhimes, this is still not my Year of Yes, but that doesn’t mean it ain’t comin’.

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