Taylor Swift is Back and Better Than Ever


The day she released the first video of the snake tail situation thing everyone freaked the hell out. I mean the media was loving it and snakes started being the spirit animal of everyone.

It specifically addressed how everyone called her a snake during the whole Kim and Kanye drama. She just flat out was all, “Hey, the snake is back.” Also, fun and interesting thing, snakes shed their skin and pretty much become a new, which I will get to.

Then, all of a sudden her album cover releases entitled Reputation, and then on Thursday as if a sign from the music gods she dropped her first single, Look What You Made Me Do.

At first, everyone was a little disappointed. I was a little shook at the fact it was released and too busy freaking out to even pay attention to the song.

Friends were calling me and texting me stating it wasn’t good, that she was playing the victim card, that it was the same Taylor, not a new Taylor, blah blah blah.

And then I paid attention and read the lyrics, and they are kind of brilliant.

From the first verses, it starts to portray a story of a situation that happened to her in front of the world. Then something happens, after a slightly angsty and almost Christmasy bridge opens a seemingly surface-y chorus that it the title of the song, look what you made me do.

At this point, everyone kind of was like the heck? BUT, the media, haters and the like have spent the last year depicting her as a young and not so naive girl who always plays the victim in order to land on top, however, the whole album is named Reputation, which speaks volumes to the narrative she is portraying with this album.

Just like she did with Blank Space, she addressed the fact that regardless of what she does or who she is or who everyone who actually knows her says she is, people gossip and spread lies and rumors and it won’t ever stop, but that doesn’t make any of it true.

If Taylor would have released a song that was all, “I’m not the victim that’s not me, I’m not who you think I am,” everyone would have literally rolled their eyes and said “Mmmhm sure.”

Instead, she is doing exactly what everyone says she does, openly, transparently, and is stating boldly, “Ok this is who you think I am, then I will be that person, let’s play the victim. I’ll be exactly who you define me as.”

I mean another line in the song is “I’ll be the actress starring in your bad dreams.” How will she be acting, and bad dreams aren’t necessarily reality? Taylor Swift is honestly and openly stating that she will pretend to be the role everyone thinks she is, because why the hell not.

Then, even later brings the snake concept into her song by saying “I’m sorry but the old Taylor can’t come to the phone right now, Why? Oh, cos’ she’s dead.” It’s all about being this character that everyone says she is.

Her reputation was seemingly tarnished by Kim and Kanye and maybe Katy Perry, but regardless people love to hate someone who is good. I mean hell, even her ex-boyfriends don’t throw shade at her, they write songs about her just as she does, but nobody is hating on her the way some people do. It’s juvenile and just a way to target women for being intellectual, successful, and emotional.

Taylor is a strong, emotional, intellectual, and amazing storyteller and songwriter, she knows exactly what she’s doing, and honestly, it’s about damn time she speaks up for herself. You go girl.

Updated: And now she just released a music video and you all must watch it, cos its brilliant.

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