Flowers, Dogs, and Masculinity

Recently I went shopping with a friend and was told that my taste was grandma-ish. He mentioned that everything I picked up had reminded him somehow of his grandmother and that it was very feminine. I scoffed at his remark for its judgmental undertones, but also because his home is very masculine, or course anything short of being dark and grey would look feminine.

His home is something you would imagine a newly-wed couple would own. Large carport, white walls, dark wood floors, dark oak cabinets and marble everywhere. It was modern and clean, masculine furniture, not a soft or shape or color in sight.

As innocent as his joke was, it reminded me of when I was a child and how I really loved the color pink. Some family friends decided to take us to an amusement park and on the car ride there one of the older kids asked me to pick a color from one of those fortune teller things, I chose pink. His response was really dramatic, complete with a gasp and all. I remember being embarrassed when I was younger, and awkwardly a few years ago I saw them again and randomly brought up the story all over again.

All joking aside, it got me thinking of how interior design, much like fashion, repeats itself and reinvents itself multiple times over. I just saw in a catalog, florally patterned furniture mixed with airy modern elements. It worked in this really beautiful way actually, almost as if the sofa was an art piece in the room. I immediately found myself drawn to it, much like I was drawn to the floral plates in the store that my friend considered grandma-ish.

Some women, unlike some men, have this exceptional ability to still remain rather childlike with the way they approach the world, solely from observation. They are drawn to things they like and don’t necessarily care if it is childish or whimsical. It’s something I’ve always appreciated. While some men, have a constant need to distance themselves from childlike behavior and anything that will seemingly compromise their masculinity.

My sister always says whenever we walk into a room and there are a lot of men there that she can ‘smell the ego.’ 

Men like the gray sofa because it is gray, a gender neutral color, or navy blue because powder blue would be too feminine.

When did we as a society decided that color and pattern and flowers were feminine. Flowers grow in the ground, not feminine ground, the ground. Color is seen everywhere, what dictates whether it is gender specific?

Color, pattern, flowers and the like should be individually decided and based off of one’s own likes and dislikes. Never, by what societal norms should be.

My friend made me realize something, in an instance, I could be reverted back to childhood when I was told that pink was for girls. It was sad, disheartening and showed me that even though I am years away from that moment in third grade, there are still so many ways that I can grow.

The very next day, I went back to the store, walked up to the plates, bought them and left. Only to return them to some random plates with dogs on them. Dogs beat flowers every day.

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