Designing the Queen of Upholstery in the Bay’s Office Space

Abigail Figueroa is one of those rare people that you hear amazing things from but never are quite sure if they are true because how could such an amazing person exist, well I’m here to say that every amazing thing you here is 100% true, and then some.

Not only is she a badass business woman, she is a mother, philanthropist, and friend to not only me but some amazingly strong women. Aby and I met in a way that seems almost too perfectly timed to be true. I had just recently moved to the Bay and she was a week shy of moving beginning design for her new office space. I started off working for her as her assistant but it quickly turned into her designer and I never quite knew how much fun we would have getting to know each other and creating a new office space for Aby’s Upholstery.

If you are in the bay area and need some upholstery work, Aby’s is by far one of the best upholsterers and experiences you will have. She is warm, enthusiastic and knows good and high-quality work, just read her Yelp reviews and you’ll be astonished at how perfect they are. So without further adieu, the forever growing project Aby’s Upholstery.

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