The Kansas City Kitchen Remodel

A good friend of mine recently purchased their first home in Kansas City. Along with that, they took on the responsibility of refinishing the wood floors, painting the interior/exterior re-designing the kitchen. Needless to say, it is a large task for a first time home buyer.

I offered to lend my hand to the project and give them some ideas for redoing their kitchen, and it looks like they will be going with it. So this post is for those of you in the midwest, or wherever you are that have an awkwardly closed kitchen, but can’t be Chip and Joanna Gaines and rip down every wall.


The initial step I take with every client is creating a comprehensive list, room by room, of his individual needs, as well as how he would like to see the space being used. Because he is a single and will be mostly using the house for entertaining and group gatherings, openness were key design concepts that he needed to address. Every detail was collected down to faucet use, sink options, lighting, how much seating was necessary for your space. Although oftentimes the initial list of clients can be large, don’t be overwhelmed, you can always scale back, but the list is kind of the best way to get an idea of what your goals are, from there it’s easy to prioritize and implement the key features and get rid of the non essentials.


The simplest and easiest way to go about this is to take pen and paper and just draw out your space. Even if it’s not a perfect to scale model of the floorplan, for the most part, the first step is just to give a rough idea of what you will need. For him, the main problem was that it was not in the budget to remove walls entirely, as the cost of an architect and engineer were too much for him to take on personally at this moment, so instead keeping support beams in their space and reinforcing them with a reinforced wood post would have to suffice.

This is the kitchen remodel after we removed two walls that were encasing the space. It opened the entire kitchen, living and dining space making it more of a communal area.
This is the kitchen remodel after we removed two walls that were encasing the space. It opened the entire kitchen, living and dining space making it more of a communal area.



The kitchen will stay true to its midwest ranch exterior and reflect urban elements with iron lighting and exposed wood shelving. There will be a massive L-shaped island in the open area of the space that will allow for additional seating and will open the kitchen to the living and dining room; on the island facing in towards the kitchen will be additional cabinetry and storage. The stove and refrigerator will be located on the western wall, and on the shorter northern wall will be floor to ceiling cabinetry for a makeshift pantry.


The L-shaped island will be in the center of the home but on the eastern side of the kitchen opening the space and allowing natural light to enter the space. Given the openness but central divide from the exposed beams, we will add pendant lighting over the island area.



Keeping it a very American kitchen with nods towards a more refined color palette and adding clean lines keeps the house up to date but fits the location. Open shelving and lightly colored cabinetry and frames will add visual interest but keep the eye moving and not centralized on one location.

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