Sunday Sloth Diaries, It Begins

Hello and welcome to TW Sunday Sloth Diaries, a saga/log where haunted and traumatized individuals write about their rather slothful Sunday’s that will hopefully make you feel a little less alone this weekend, and make you feel less sad when Monday rears its ugly head.

7:23 am

I wake up to go pee, realize that I have somehow made a rather large igloo of blankets because overnight the weather dropped from a hot 80 degrees to 60. Too cold.

8:01 am

Morgan doesn’t seem to want to wake up either. The apartment is silent.

8:25 am

Debating on whether or not to leave this comfortable bed to join the world this Sunday.

8:50 am

Actually, decide to get up. Morgan is pouring orange juice, I am watching videos on YouTube, a rather rabbit hole if you will.

9:01 am

We decide after a glass of orange juice to make some omelets. Rosemary, Oregano, Asparagus and Brie omelets.

9:34 am

Omelet and Bob’s Burger episode. Just one.

10:30 am

Finally hitting the shower, and getting ready for the day, going to grab some coffee and then our plan is to go kayaking around this really pretty lake.

12:00 pm

It looks like there is some sort of festival at the park blocking the main entrance, instead, we decide to huff it and find an alternative entrance so we don’t have to pay.

12:34 pm

So we crossed the bridge to head to the kayaks and the entrance is blocked again by a festival that costs $50.00, after some brief discussion with the security guard he informs us we have to pay to enter and then pay for the kayaks, we decide not to pay and instead walk around the lake. So far I am irritated and hot, the once fun plan is ruined.

1:00 pm

We decide to leave and head to In-N-Out.

1:40 pm

Morgan is in one of his weird, “I’m going to turn everything into a song moods,” and because it is now 89 degrees I am in a pissy mood. We then both become cranky because we barely got back to the car.

2:30 pm

Finally eating.

3:00 pm

TJ Maxx, because I am a Maxinista, not really, but why the hell not.

4:00 pm

We find a really cute $50 trash can, two new shirts, jean jacket from Sanctuary, Pink Himalayan Sea Salt refill. After standing in line for a while its finally our turn, the cashier rings us up and the once $50 trash can is now only $18, steal. We leave spending less then we thought. I’m happy.

5:00 pm

Finally back home!!!!

5:10 pm

Wii Mario Kart, because we can. Morgan is also some sort of superhuman god playing this game who randomly makes it in first place Every. Single. Time. I suck and make it in 12th place 50% of the time.

5:43 pm

Rugby is on, Morgan must watch it of course. Although he doesn’t actually watch it he more or less listens to it while he plays video games on his phone.

5:45 pm

Rugby players are kind of scary looking.

6:32 pm

We reheated some leftover Indian food Morgan brought home from work. Today is the day that we had scheduled to watch Beasts of No Nation on Netflix. Actually, we set out to watch it like years ago when it first came out but it was so intense that we never actually started the movie. So, Morgan set out this date like sometime back in March and set alarms and everything so it is official we are going to watch it.

6:50 pm

I can’t deal, I am crying already and nothing has necessarily happened, but I know its going to happen so I am freaking out.

7:17 pm

I am shook. What is the definition of shook? Does it have anything to do with Shakira or is that just because Bretman Rock named his dog Shookira?

Still crying from this movie.

9:00 pm

Interruption from the movie because of my parents, thank God. After about 15 minutes of conversation, we hang up and proceed to finish the movie.

9:32 pm

I have no words for what I just watched. It was a seriously intense movie, but one everyone should see. Morgan and I can’t even discuss it so instead we play Mario Kart.

It’s really weird how we can watch something and feel so many things and then at the same time, due to our privilege, carry on with life as normal. These peoples lives were overturned in seconds and they will forever live with the scars that they faced during this horrible war but we can just choose to ignore it or move on.

I think one of the reasons I couldn’t watch it for so long because I knew it would disrupt the bubble that I am in. It really makes you have to look at the atrocities that face so many people every day. How do we continue to help people and care for people even though our worldview and status are so different? What does it look like to be an activist in 2017? So many thoughts.

11:00 pm

Exhausted. Pass out watching Sabrina the Teenage Witch.

I guess this is some sort of slothful situation.

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