Stranger Than Fiction, a Reality Check Into Studio Living

About a month ago Morgan and I moved into a new apartment. Although we have been roommates for a little over four years now, this move felt a little bit scarier and bigger than any of our previous moves, despite the fact that we would be moving into the smallest apartment we have ever had and the most expensive, a studio.

Living in a studio was always a little bit of a dream of mine, however, I never imagined that the studio would be the size of my previous closet.

In my mind, the studio I imagined living in was large and open with large windows and classic trim and wall molding, très Parisien. I mean I could just see myself with my large blue Anthropologie sofa working on projects while occasionally walking my dream dog and then casually heading to the farmers market a block over and picking up fresh fruit, wine and cheese for dinner that I would make on my Electrolux range and serve on my handmade porcelain dinnerware––ok so I was definitely living in some sort of fantasy.

I wish I could tell you the story was something of a fairy tale but it wasn’t.

It was raw, emotional, real and sometimes boring.

However, in an attempt to love the space that I am in and actually make it feel like home, I am going to try and design this space to be exactly what we will need this year forward, with the furnishings we already have and a few that we have picked up. This project will have a tight budget, with no real layout changes or additions because we are renting, it will be as renter friendly as possible, and hopefully be just what I imagine it could be.

At the same time, I think It will be a project that will take a while like I definitely don’t expect it to be finished or even remotely done anytime soon. I want our space to feel collected and lived in, somewhat nostalgic, and at the same time warm and full of the comforts of a home, while still being an apartment, and trendy. By trendy, I don’t mean like minimalist, but just modern touches throughout.

Hopefully, over time we will be able to bring our apartment to life and fill it with delicious smells, funny moments, creativity, love, freedom and everything else that makes a home a home.

Here is my inspiration for the new space. It may not make any sense at all, but most things I do don’t make sense to most people. Ce la vie.

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