Welcome to Transformation Month

otherwise known as get-your-shit-together-month

I feel like as soon as November hits, I become some otherworldly person who decides that the only thing important in life is the upcoming holidays, fall weather and being snuggled up in a blanket watching Harry Potter on repeat until December.

Recently, I’ve been craving something a little bit more than the traditional holiday hibernation situation. I’ve been craving work—busy, unadulterated work.

To scoop the sensation that typically comes with the holiday season up, I’ve decided that this month, my friends, we are going to get some shit DONE.

This isn’t like an early New Year’s resolution because there is no deadline—no implication that the way we were (or are) needs further improvement. Instead, this is simply a time to recenter, refocus, and make a larger stride at accomplishing goals and not sleeping in because of daylight savings.

One thing that I’ve stumbled upon recently is a thing called Bullet Journaling. The name coined by Ryder Carroll, a digital product designer from Brooklyn, NY. The Bullet Journal is essentially a form of organizing tasks, thoughts, events and other list oriented items with ease.

The main reason that I thought about tackling the Bullet Journal tactic, is due to my many failed attempts at keeping a schedule or planner.

By nature, I am a very spontaneous and yet productive person but have found that I am in no way performing at the level that I want to. My need to organize and strategize is always something that I am thinking of, and so instead of the standard format of tasking things out and scheduling in an agenda, the Bullet Journal is something that grows and flows with your specific needs. The Bullet Journal is that it kind of unique analogous system that gives you an opportunity to create your own planner that reflects your individual needs, rather than trying to fit your life within an already organized system. It works for you instead of you working for it.

For those of you that aren’t familiar with Bullet Journaling, it apparently has been a “thing” for a while, just search your Instagram for #bulletjournal and you will be overwhelmed with flowery, colorful, and often very detailed accounts of journals that are so perfect you might never want to attempt this whole thing. Personally, I feel as if the whole overly detailed, colorful, intricately designed Bullet Journals are a bit unproductive, but I digress from writing perfectly to chicken scratches. For some, taking hours to neatly, beautifully and intricately make a journal one day out of the month is helpful, for me, it is problematic.

I’m going to try it out for a few weeks, maybe just the entire month of November, and see how much progress I make. Hopefully, I will make a shit ton of progress and get everything I want to done—hopefully, I wake up and realize that I have evolved into this new superhuman who is so productive and efficient and effortless all at the same time. Maybe the Bullet Journal will give me that feeling, maybe it won’t.

BUT, in the words of Amber Mariens in Clueless, “My plastic surgeon doesn’t want me doing any activity where balls are flying at my nose.”


Except instead of balls flying at your nose those things are time wasting and disorganization. Let me know what you think? Will any of you be doing anything to try and be productive this month? Are there things you want to accomplish before December hits us? Go forth lovelies, accomplish it all!

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