Style Icon, Actress, and Interior Designer, Diane Keaton



I remember the first time I watched a Diane Keaton in the Godfather. I loved her character because my father is Italian, and I never totally related or felt culturally Italian. I always identified with my mother’s Jewish or otherwise non-cultural Americanized form of living. I felt like an outsider in my family and that was the first time I identified with Diane Keaton.

The second was during her performance of Annie Hall, she portrayed the slightly awkward, neurotic, stressed, charming lead. I related with Alvy (Woody Allen) in a lot of ways, but Annie (DK) stole my heart again and won me over with her style, her mannerisms and the free-spirited personality that I related to.

The third time that I identified with Diane Keaton was during a client meeting where we were discussing the beauty of old Californian homes. She walked over to her bookshelf and brought out this giant book entitled, California Romantica by Diane Keaton. I freaked out because of the fact that it was Diane Keaton, but also because the book featured these stunning Californian homes designed and styled in part by DK herself.

I knew right then and there that DK was my girl. I knew now that not only was she an amazing actress, style icon, feminist, activist, but also Interior Designer.

Ok, maybe not like a certified one, but DK has been purchasing and transforming homes all over Los Angeles since the late 1980’s.

DK grew up in Santa Ana with a father that loved purchasing tract homes for resale as investment pieces. DK told the Los Angeles Times, “He didn’t buy because a house was beautiful or old. For him, buying a house was a means to make money. He was very practical…I gave myself permission to be impractical all of my life.”

However impractical she may be, the actress who played a nervous, insecure first wife alongside Goldie Hawn and Bette Midler in the First Wives Club, has practically restored these “tear-down” mansions into their former glory.

The homes nod to the original Spanish Colonial architecture and yet have this beautifully effortless way about that them that screams modern California.

Clean lines, sweeping views, and stunning woodwork make these homes feel so elegant and timeless in a sea of homes that feel soulless and cold, Diane Keaton is single-handedly preserving LA to its original glory.

DK will forever be the effortless actress who wears a hat and you suddenly need a hat, bursts into song no matter where she is—so you need to burst into song wherever you are, and purchases old homes to restore them to their former glory—so you need to purchase old homes and return them to their former glory.

But the thing is, you wouldn’t even mind the fact that you are so clearly enamored with her that you are blatantly copying her because no one would care.

Why would anyone be mad about you emulating Diane Keaton, I mean after all she is Diane Keaton.


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