A Very LA Thanksgiving

This year will be a different Thanksgiving than any other year. For the first time, it will not be stressful.

No, I’m totally serious. It’s not going to be stressful.

For the most part, every Thanksgiving prior to this Thanksgiving has been a situation built upon chaos, gluttony, and stressful family members.

This year, it will just be me, my sister, and my parents. No significant others, no friends, no extended family. This year we will be in LA instead of Colorado where we are trying to manage driving in snow. This year we will wake up early make breakfast and then possibly go for a cliche hike in Runyon Canyon. This year we will all be in athleisure instead of a perfectly styled outfit. This year we will eat brunch at 189 and have rosé all day.

*pardon the rhyme* 

This year we will go shopping at The Grove, and drive up to Malibu just to have some beach time. This year Instead of taking photos with extended family members for hours we will be taking photos of each other on the beach. This year we will be laughing at each other’s jokes, sharing stories and it will feel like an exclusive club. This year we will dress up and have dinner at Giorgio Baldi because we’re Italian and why on earth would we decide to eat a turkey when we can have octopus carpaccio with deep-fried capers. This year instead of playing family games where someone will inadvertently get hurt we will see a movie because we love movies. This year will go to bed at a decent hour because guests are still at our house. This year we will wake up the next day and feel rested, thankful and happy.

This year we will not overeat.

*As I write this I am crossing my fingers*

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