New Year! New Problems. New Outlook?

The end of December always marks the time when you start to consider how the previous year was, and what the future year will hopefully look like. Often, we reflect on how things went, like your career, your relationships, your financial situation, and we sort of set plans to make the next year different from the last.

More commonly, everyone seems to be talking about how they are either not making resolutions, don’t make resolutions, or are making them but are more than likely not going to keep them. The pessimistic undertones take foot in everyone’s mouth, and instead of thinking of the new year as a time to begin again, we set ourselves immediately up for failure in order to soften the blow when we actually do fail.

This sort of sets ourselves up for failure, but then allows ourselves to not be so hard on ourselves when we remain uncommitted to our goals. Does that make sense?

I know, I know. I must sound exhausting right now. Who am I to try and tell you what you should or shouldn’t do for the new year.

But, and yes there is always a but, in the spirit of the new year let’s embrace a more positive outlook on our lives. I mean 2017 was so dark and depressing, I’m kind of wanting the new year to a little bit more positive. Instead of being like every other generation before us, set in their ways, expecting failure, let’s embrace the growth we have accomplished. Let’s roll with the positive changes that have been made and let’s take them a step further.

I know I probably sound like little miss sunshine over here, but I am bidding adieu to all of the negative shit of 2017 and calling forth a positive and impactful 2018. So slip your feet into your favorite Gucci fur lined slides (size 10.5) and march into 2018 like fräulein Maria in the Sound of Music.

However, if you would rather bask in the chaos that was 2017 then, by all means, go ahead. I’ll be waiting for you in 2018 with open arms and a slap on the wrist for indulging in your own pity party.

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