TWBYSR: 4 Books for Winter Hibernation

TWBYSR: The Wondrous Books Your Soul Should Read

There is something quite beautiful about winter and the way it makes you want to curl up and read a good book. For me, that moment happens all year round, and yet, every time it does it gives me such joy that I jump into my book like Bert jumping into his chalk drawing in Disney’s Mary Poppins.


If that is the case for you, as it is for me, then you are in luck because it’s that time of the month again. Below I have cataloged reads that your soul should read carrying you all the way through to February. They are books that have inspired me, reminded me of the important things, and given me some excellent advice. Without further adieu, TWBYSR January February Edition.


Play It As It Lays

By Joan Didion

Not only is Joan Didion one of my favorite authors of all time, she gives a ruthless depiction of American life in the 60’s while also capturing the ethos of an entire generation. It is quite a disturbing novel, but one that gives a sort of compelling understanding of womanhood and a society in crisis. It is dark, it is twisty, and it is just the thing to be reading when you are looking for some stirring prose and merciless commentary on society.



By Branden Jacobs-Jenkins

This book is actually a play, but one that should definitely be read if you would like to investigate whiteness. Yes, whiteness. Sometimes in order to understand other’s experiences, for instance, black experiences, we have to learn about white experiences with race. Branden Jacob-Jenkins is a playwright who tells the story of a modern-day white family in the South that is torn apart by a racially charged piece of its inheritance. The story is funny, pensive, incisive, and insightful. It talks a lot about the discussion of racism and the role it has played in the country for so long.


Zero Waste Home: A Guide

By Bea Johnson

Simply for a ton of tips tricks and solutions to your zero waste questions from the women who started it all.


Silent Spring

By Rachel Carson

This is a book that I am currently reading but one that everyone should read if they want to take a look at environmentalism and the way it all sort of started. When it was written, the book launched an outcry that forced the banning of DDT and launched changed in the laws affecting our air, land, and water. The book is deeply moving, eloquently written, and instrumental if you are serious or want to be serious about living environmentally conscious.

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