Stupid Cupid. You’re February Tovascopes Have Arrived

Let’s all just take a moment to thank Beyoncé for ending January the way she does all things, absolutely flawlessly. Repeat after me or say it in your head,

“Thank you, Beyoncé for guiding us through January and ending the month on a positive note. Thank you for being one classy lady and teaching all of us that it is ok to allow your kids to wear white as they sip a juice box and eat a snack. We appreciate your guidance, and know you will bring about new awakenings to us all in February.” 

Let’s all just take a moment to acknowledge that February is here and so are your Tovascopes, as always written by the Astro Twins and summarized by this mere mortal.

*For a full month reading head on over to and take a look at all of the wonderful astrological offerings of these cosmic sisters.*

AQUARIUS · Danielle Haim

Untitled_Artwork 12

Happy Birthday my little Aquarians, boy aren’t you a fun bunch. This month starts off by setting some time to find out who you are and what you want to do in this crazy world we’re living in. Take some time to delve deeper, look inward, and don’t be afraid of some “me time”, by doing this, you are sure to find some unique way to leave a meaningful mark. Authenticity is key, this February, so make sure to remain true to you—much like JT with the release of his new album, try to keep those roots planted firmly, and don’t hold back on your message. Whether you are single or attached on Valentine’s Day, make sure to make it light and fun. Keep everything you do low pressure, just make sure to keep your signif’s in the know. If you are detached, enjoy some fun with your friends and enjoy your singledom.

PISCES · Este Haim

Untitled_Artwork 7

Hey soul sister, or mister, slow down, this month is definitely starting off a little frantic for you Pisces. You might feel ton’s of pressure to achieve, accomplish, and go-go-go, but February is all about letting go and letting God, the universe, the divine, what have you. Take the time to listen to your intuition this month, and remember to stop holding onto situations so tight, relax, meditate, take some “me time” and be prepared for Pisces time, because once we enter into March, things will start to make sense. Valentines Day is the perfect time for you to swoon over loved ones and treat them extra special, take the time to pamper and praise the one who’s caught your attention.

ARIES · Lady Gaga


Drama! Drama! Drama! Apparently, Aries, that has been your entire month of January, the Astro Twins are telling you to simmer down, but idk, that’s kind of why we love you. Along with some drama, it seems like this month you might be jumping the gun on situations or business this month, so slow it down. February is looking like the perfect opportunity for you to take some time to reflect on all of the whirlwinds of the previous month, so enjoy it. As far as Cupid goes, it looks like he’s shot you with an arrow with eyes for yourself, so enjoy it, relax, and hang out with friends in a large social setting, no one-on-ones, and if there are, keep ’em casual.


Untitled_Artwork 10

The start of this month has sort of thrown you for a loop Taurus, maybe that’s because at the tail-end of January you were already mid-air? You might be processing some heavy emotions during this month especially in regards to your living situation, maybe trouble in paradise, or maybe some internal issues with a friend that’s cramping your style—instead of ruminating on the drama, take some time to balance your work-life and career. Which brings us to Valentine’s day, you might be overlooking it this year just like everyone else is, in fact, you might be so overscheduled that you forget it entirely. No matter, plan an extra late dinner or something lowkey, Cupid might have had a scheduling error this month.

GEMINI · Troye Sivan

Untitled_Artwork 6

Oh Gemini, you are one for some grandiose ideas and by the end of January you were chock full of them, now its time for you to take those ideas and make them happen. Just keep in mind your tribe, you seem to be set up with the support power to assist you in taking your dreams to the next level, just take the time to listen and heed sound advice, although it might be difficult for your independent sign. With the sun in Aquarius now is the time to connect, communicate, and use that outspoken side of your personality to speak up for yourself and the things you want. Coupled up? Keep your Valentine’s day simple and elegant, there’s no need to go overboard this year, Cupid is on snooze. Single? Even better, take some alone time and plan out your work domination for the upcoming months.

CANCER · Solange Knowles

Untitled_Artwork 3

Well, well, well Cancer, clearly you have been a busy little crab scurrying along the beach all January long. Your mindset going into February will be money, security, and the ties that bind. What that means, is that you are going to be looking for some newfound emotional financial security that sets you up for empowerment. Load up on the apps and life hacks that can help you figure out all of the financial security you need to take care of your future. Cupid is clearly taking a vacation this week so save your big plans for the weekend, by then you and your fellow water signs should all be ready for a romantic weekend, maybe a mini vacay, or weekend trip? The possibilities will be endless.

LEO · Dua Lipa

Untitled_Artwork 8

Leo, the setting for changes and drama is definitely running with you during your regal entrance into February—what does that mean? Well, it could mean that all of the changes you made to your personal life in January might prepare you to make some more changes this month as well. Get ready to shift your interpersonal life and relationships into different gears. It could be the perfect time to partner up, or partner down, depending on what is working for you. Cupid is in a lull this Valentine’s day so don’t expect fireworks and drama, even though you love it, instead plan for the weekend or even a week later, that will be the perfect time to spark up your sexy Leo self.

VIRGO · P!nk

Untitled_Artwork 2

Slow down, stay steady, and get ready to approach February expecting some big transitions Virgo. This month will be the perfect time to let go of self-sabotaging behavior and allow you to enter into a season of self-awareness and reckoning. Oh and Virgo, remember last month when you entered into that season of wellness, well you are going to continue through that season and kick it into high gear, which should come easily to your dedicated self. Don’t think we didn’t skip out on Valentine’s day for you this year, it just might not be as exciting because Cupid is off taking a nap somewhere. Instead, maybe go to a hot yoga class and sweat it out and wait until the weekend, the moon will be in Pisces by then setting the mood for some extra romantic encounters.

LIBRA · Halsey

Untitled_Artwork 11

You are the KWEEN of partnerships Libra, and this month you will be leaning into your friends, family, and lover even more. It’s time to start teaming up with that crew that is going to help feed your creative expression and set those January resolutions into action. It’s time to let your sign shine brightly, take the promotion, take the bold leap, take center stage, and stop resisting the call on your life. Although Libra’s can be prone to procrastination, its time to take action on your dreams NOW! If you want a different outcome you need to take advantage this month. This Valentine’s day it appears you are the only one who is in a flirtatious and frisky mood, go with it and then get ready for all your big plans to start rolling out come March.


Untitled_Artwork 5

Scorpio, aren’t you a sight for sore eyes, looks like you are still feeling the aftershock of the earthquake that caused some major careers shifts in January. This is a good thing. With Jupiter still in your sign so roll with it and push yourself to stand out a little more. Be assertive, be daring, speak up, and be bold, you’ve earned the right to lead, so start commanding respect. Start searching for that squad that will be your ride-or-dies, it’s time to use your communicative self to reach out and introduce yourself to new people. On Valentine’s day, you might want to call it an early night and hit the snooze button, instead, wait for the weekend you will be feeling sexy and free-spirited just in time for the Chinese New Year.


Untitled_Artwork 4

Alright, Sagittarius, January ended in quite a flurry of enthusiasm and inspiration for the future, it’s time to start using that to your advantage for work, love, and travel. This is going to be the perfect time to chart out some major steps to take you to that next level in your career or vision for your future. Listen to your instincts and trust your gut, this could lead you to meet some kindred spirits that could have the missing link you have been searching for that will take you to the finish line. Although Cupid has eyes for you all month, making you quite the head turner, it might skip over you on Valentine’s day this year. Don’t sweat it, you will be feeling confident enough to withstand that mushy holiday anyway.

CAPRICORN · Zayn Malik

Untitled_Artwork 9

Plant your feet on some solid ground Capricorn, this month is definitely calling for a regroup to gain your bearings. From breakups to financial strains to sexual frustration, January left you in a tailspin downwards, now its time to take that and simplify. A methodical approach always suits you well, but be prepared for an opportunity to arise that seems out of left field, this could be a lucrative venture, just don’t be afraid to take the leap. Keep Valentine’s day simple with zero pressure on you or your loved one. Maybe stay in and have a simple dinner at home, or visit a low-key bistro you’ve been dying to try, then prepare for the following week where things will heat up.

Until next time you little zodiac junkies!

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