The Queen, For the Win

Although I personally have never been a huge fan of the royal family, I have longtime been a fan of Princess Diana, because I mean, she is the people’s princess—but recently, a fascinating piece of information has got me stanning the royal family harder than any of you so called fans.

According to Green Matters author Aimee Luktin, the royal estate is officially banning plastic straws and bottles from her estate. I know—I know, every environmentalist/zero-waster who loves the Queen and the royal family, is literally freaking out right now.

It appears that this recent decision came from the watching of a 2017 BBC documentary by David Attenborough called, Blue Planet II, in which Attenborough explores the depths of the sea while also showing the devastating effects plastic is having on the ocean. The Queen herself happens to be a huge fan of Attenborough’s work and thus decided to eliminate plastic usage throughout her estate. A spokesperson for the Buckingham Palace stated,

Across the organization, the royal household is committed to reducing its environmental impact. As part of that, we have taken a number of practical steps to cut back on the use of plastics. At all levels, there’s a strong desire to tackle this issue.

So whether you are a huge loyal royal fan or a newbie to the fan club, I think praising initiatives like this is definitely going to have a large trickle-down effect. I mean, after all, the royal family can’t seem more progressive than parliament can it? It appears they can.

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