Your Magical March Madness Tovascopes Are Late But Really Sorry About It

March is in full swing this month and although I am a little behind on listening to the cosmos and delivering your monthly forecast, I will say, that it is entirely worth the wait.

Much like this year’s Academy Awards that I’m sure all of you were watching this past weekend right? I mean, I personally was not watching them, but I was there for all of the live Tweeting, Buzzfeed commentary, and updates Instagram was constantly notifying me of. Regardless, it was a night of magic, mystery, and golden moments like Rita Moreno getting her drink on.

And just like last nights Oscars with beautiful moments of sunshine and light, this month is looking like it will be just the same, so let’s dive into March together and see if this mere mortal can summarize what the Astro Twins have put so eloquently.

*For a full month reading head on over to and take a look at all of the wonderful astrological offerings of these cosmic sisters.*

Pisces · Lupita Nyong’o


As much as Valentine’s day was a snooze for you Pisces, March is starting off with a full moon making you the target of love and romance. This month is all about love, peacemaking, and compromise, so take everything with a grain of salt, and get ready to celebrate your birth month in bold new ways. March madness is typically reserved exclusively for the gent’s playing basketball, but this month, you are the axle on which the wheel of excitement and fun turns and depends on. You may think this isn’t true, but the loved ones who truly know you and value you will appreciate all of the ways you inspire and encourage them and remind you that you are worth all of the love, light, and happiness this world has to offer.

Aries · Saoirse Ronan


Have you been focused on work, friends, family and loved ones a little bit too much lately? That sounds like nothing new for you Aries, as you usually are the type of person who is juggling a lot of things, but this month starts off with a full moon focusing on you. Take the time to find and develop your happy place. In order to give you have to be able to receive, even if that means receiving from yourself. There is also an exciting new moon for you on the seventeenth that can open up possibilities to tackle your wildest dreams.

Taurus · Gal Gadot


Did you know Gal Gadot knits sweaters in her free time? No? Good, cos she doesn’t, but it looks like you should Taurus. March is starting off to be the perfect time to delve into the arts, whether its needlepoint or scrapbooking, you will enjoy the energy it gives you. By the seventeenth you will be over the solitude your newfound hobby has given you and your socialite self will be in full swing. The joy, love, and luck of the Irish are all in the air this month and when Venus enters her home in Taurus, you will attract all of the right attention. By the end of the month all of the love and accolades will get you in the right state of mind to have some self-love and eat healthier, workout harder, and dream sweeter.

Gemini · Octavia Spencer


Work and your social life could be intruding a little too much lately, making you need some dedicated stay-at-home time Gemini. As much as you love the company of others, take the time to rest and relax a little, by the seventeenth your career and social standings could be impacted the new moon. This could mean a possibility for a raise, promotion, or change of scenery, just make sure to listen to your instincts, and have faith in your abilities and good standing. By the end of the month, you will be listening to your instincts a little bit better and enjoying taking things slowly for a while—if others want to be brash, bold and exciting, let them, your time will come.

Cancer · Meryl Streep


Stick with your crew Cancer, Marches full moon could make your own inclinations lead you to a dead-end. That being said, take the time to prioritize the friends that take care of you as much as you take care of them. By the seventeenth, the new moon is going to show you how large the world really is, and although it is sometimes scary, embrace every moment of it. During the end of the month take the time to have some downtime to reflect on what you have experienced throughout this month and cap the end of March with your crew once again. Those who have stood by your side from day one, are going to be just the right people to help you grow in this next season.

Leo · Greta Gerwig


March starts off a little stressful for you Leo, with finances, career, love, and other people’s drama, try and trust your instincts before committing to anything—even if it’s a project you have already begun. The new moon on the seventeenth could make your time highly valuable and pull your attention in varying ways, and although your sign is known for being a “yes” person, you don’t have to say yes to everything. By the end of the month, the sun will enter into Aries making it the perfect time to start those plans or make those plans.

Virgo · Armie Hammer


You’re jumping into March like you’re a leprechaun looking for a pot of gold, A.K.A., like a madman, but that is kind of exciting for you Virgo. The full moon at the beginning of the month allows your self-confidence to shine, take bold ventures, try new things, be entirely you. On the seventeenth romance could be in full swing, whether you are single or taken, try to visualize what you want your life to look like, and how you want to be as a partner, and bask in the romantic glow of the month. Mercury, unfortunately, goes retrograde by the end of the month, giving you the opportunity to reexamine things you have recently started, heed sound advice.

Libra · St. Vincent


Oh, Libra, you are the perfect host, and although most of the time you are busy helping and taking care of other people, March needs you to take care of yourself first. This seems to be a recurring theme, but it is one that you will definitely reap the rewards from. By the seventeenth, the new moon might give you the golden opportunity to live healthier, more active, and an even more spiritual life. By the end of the month, you are loving all of the love you’ve been giving yourself, that of course, you need to extend love out to others, be careful though, no one seems to be resisting you now.

Scorpio · Adam Rippon


The spotlight is on you Scorpio, just don’t steal the scene or the entire show, share the spotlight with those you love and even those you don’t. It could be the perfect opportunity to make lifelong friends. Mercury enters into Aries causing you to engage in wild new ideas that could strike at any time. Take those ideas and dreams and run with them—be outrageous, be romantic, be bold and make no apology. During the end of the month, you might be seeking some peace and quiet, even if you go out, take the time to quiet yourself, you will be happier for it. Absorb all of the beauty in the world that you otherwise overlook, it will make you radiate light and love.

Sagittarius · Tiffany Haddish


Social butterfly Sagittarius is making you the go-to person for all of your friends. Take the time to enjoy it because Jupiter jumps into retrograde rather quickly this month. It will allow you to take the time to look a little deeper at what really matters and what has helped you advance in life. Your home could be a sanctuary for new ideas and big dreams, so unless there are compelling reasons to go out, stay in and allow those ideas to flourish. On the full moon at the end of the month, smooth out any wrongdoings you have done to an important person and surprisingly it will be very easy. Take the time to support and encourage them in the meantime, you will be the magic they need, and the universe will always return what you put out.

Capricorn · Timothée Chalamet


The devil is in the details, Capricorn, and March will need you to pay extra attention to the small details as well as the big ones. By the thirteenth a friendship or love relationship could hit some superficial complications, making you a little uneasy, and in need of your crew for support. During the end of the month, your character will lighten up, allowing you to resume your good relationships with co-workers, friends, and family. The end of the month is going to provide a great opportunity for new business and possibly new partnerships. If you are looking for an extra hand to help you out, now is the time to jump on that feeling.

Aquarius · Danai Gurira


Money is on your mind this month, but don’t fret Aquarius, you will be just fine. Just make sure everything is in order, you aren’t unnecessarily spending, and then make big plans but keep your actions modest. Does that make sense? The new moon during the seventeenth might allow you to take bold steps in the right financial direction allowing you to hit your goals. Again, don’t act, just plan, save, and wait. The right time will come. By the end of the month, you might be feeling like your love life is feeling a little stale, maybe even one way, and might need some positive energy to freshen it up. Whatever you do, it will be contagious and your significant other will embrace the freshening up.

Until next time…

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