Love Handles, S1 E4: Conscious Consumption, Is It Possible?

Is conscious consumerism even possible? A good question to ask when it pertains to environmentalism and buying things, but what about all of the information we consume? With an influx of social media, music streaming, and information, how do we filter out the good and bad, get to the context behind the work, and develop clear lines of thought to understand everything we are taking in? Is it too much information? Are we being overwhelmed with information?

In this week’s episode of Love Handles, I mention a recent phenomenon that I have barely become aware of called algorithms, and how they relate to what we consume as it pertains to media and information. Good news! The first step in becoming a conscious consumer is awareness.

All of those questions can hopefully be answered or delivered by you or the like in the following weeks as we high tail it out of February, and leap into March. As always, take a listen on iTunes, subscribe to the podcast, and leave us a five-star rating so we top the charts and are able to get good interviews with good people…like you.





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