Manifesting Summer When You Are Freezing Cold in 47 Degree Weather

My former employer is a businesswoman who quarterly updates her vision board in the attempt to manifest her hopes, dreams, and even travel destinations for the upcoming season. This allegiance to her vision board is due to a deep-rooted faith and her psychic who said, ‘the key to continued success is visualizing you have it.’

Despite my judgment, that in her beautifully designed office there is a cork vision board with words like “motivate” next to a mahogany RH desk—I have found myself dreading winter and thus, cutting out magazine pictures of the south of Spain and gluing them to a cork board.

I understand that you east coasters will be rolling your eyes at the fact that it is only forty-seven degrees today, but this Californian cannot deal with anything below seventy degrees. I’ve gone so far as to try and visualize myself in the south of Spain that I am wearing rose colored sunglasses, linen shorts, and Birkenstocks while I crank the heat up to eighty degrees, and tape pictures of the gardens at the Finca Cortesin resort in Málaga. Voila! I am on a mental summer vacation and it feels so great.

While I know that these accouterments can only hold me over for so long, somewhere between lying next to my radiator and feeling the heat it provides me while staring at images of the sunkissed beach in Conil, I have lost myself in a moment of Spanish bliss.

Have you ever taken a mental vacation like mine? Or would you care to join me? If so bring some tequila, I have fresh limes and margarita mix in the fridge.


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