I Just Read That Mercury Is Going Into Retrograde on Thursday

With St. Patricks day happening over the weekend, I can honestly say that Monday started off with a hesitant slow crawl from my bed to my office desk. I was unproductive and unresponsive to almost everyone, trying to avoid conversation and catch sleep whenever possible.

When Tuesday began I felt something shift in the atmosphere. I woke up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and leaped into productivity rather quickly, that is until I decided to to break up my productivity with a little distraction. My morning routine usually begins with checking emails, responding to messages and occasionally looking at my daily horoscope.

As much as I don’t believe in horoscopes, I do enjoy pretending that some random person out in the world is watching out for my week and writing down some helpful tips to guide me through my day. I know—I know, that sounds crazy, but we all have our little things. BUT, unlike every other day where it tells me I am going to meet my soul mate and fall into a frenzy of Rachel McAdams romance, this week started off with a warning.

 “Ready for a new look? With Mercury turning retrograde this Thursday, hurry up and make those changes. (Like today or tomorrow!)” – Elle Magazine, Horoscopes 

A CLEAR WARNING MERCURY IS GOING INTO RETROGRADE ON THURSDAY! I feel like this is kind of a big deal because typically this doesn’t happen. You always get the warning after the fact that mercury is going into retrograde, but this time I have some time to prepare.

So I’ve decided to make a list of all of the ways you can prepare for mercury entering into retrograde on Thursday.


No. 1, Obviously Get a New Look

Now I know that my horoscope is personally catered to me but I think everyone can use a new look every once in a while. If you are wanting a trim, go for it! If you want to dye your hair purple, take the leap. If you have been eyeing those Balenciaga purple knife boots then go for them!

No. 2, Eat Healthy Food

For whatever reason whenever Mercury enters into retrograde I feel an immediate calling from the chocolate chip cookie gods. So be prepared by eating healthy now so that way you don’t feel that bad when you are digging through the last of the ice cream like a crazy person.

No. 3, Spend Time With Your Best Friend

This is important! Depending on who this person is and how close you are, this could be the relationship that gets tested while Mercury is doing its little dance in retrograde.

No. 4, Go Shopping

See No. 1

Because you don’t want to have buyers remorse if you purchase things after this whole shift happens.


If you have some major deadlines coming up, important projects or work that you need to finish, GET IT DONE. With Mercury going into retrograde that usually means that otherwise productive people get a little less productive and if you are a procrastinator that you might be procrastinating a lot more. Do your therapist a favor and avoid the stress by getting it done before this planetary shift happens.

As for myself, I will be trying to work a million times harder and getting a new lewk. Who knows, maybe instead of trying to be Caroline de Maigret all the time I will try to be Miles McMillan. What are you going to do to prepare for Mercury going into retrograde?


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