I Can’t Stop Dreaming About Adam Kenworthy Cooking For Me

and It’s All Because of Instagram

The obsession really began a while ago when I forgot and then remembered he existed all because I decided to rewatch the Real Housewives of New York. You see, the Real Housewives of New York happen to be some of my favorite housewives for a number of reasons, but the primary one is because I absolutely love New York. So I think somewhere in my heart of hearts, I live vicariously through these ladies, and more specifically, Carole Radziwell.

Not only is Carole my favorite RHONY, she manages to keep a level of composure throughout every fight, every drama, even in season six when Aviva Drescher decided to go all crazy and throw her freaking leg on the table at Le Cirque.

Not only is Radziwell cool as can be, her and I happen to have similar tastes, and as I was rewatching she happens to notice one tall figure standing out amongst the rest of the heads of screaming ladies, that figure is Adam Kenworthy.

SUMMARY: Adam is introduced to Carole by way of being Luann De Lesseps personal chef. They hit it off. De Lesseps hates that they hit it off. Unnecessary drama happens because of some hurt feelings and shady business by way of De Lesseps, and then everything is fine. Carole and Adam run off together and by season eight they are “co-parenting” some dogs and cats and “shacking up,” as miss Radziwell calls it. By the end of season nine, they are living separately, yet still together, and by August the two separate, to take some time to themselves.

Fast forward to the present day and you will find me constantly bookmarking, liking, and viewing Kenworthy’s Instagram. On March 15, 2018, I had the first sexy salad cooking dream of Adam Kenworthy.

THE DREAM: I happen to be living my best life in New York. I am loving my apartment, my dog, my job, myself, and just so happen to have Adam Kenworthy as my personal chef. There he stands in a plain white t, jeans, and lightly tousled hair preparing a sexy salad of his own creation. Red vein sorrel, shaved and roasted purple cauliflower tossed with lemon juice. Pan roasted butternut squash, watermelon radish, avocado. Finished with a carrot ginger dressing. #swooning 

Sounds heavenly right? It was, it is, and for whatever reason, possibly all of the reasons I have listed above, I continue to have dreams of his slow-motion videos that are perfectly lit, selectively curated, all while he sings SZA songs on his guitar to me.

Just look at how he makes this stuffed eggplant look like the only eggplant you ever want to eat again.

Or this beautifully crafted risotto in a butternut squash bowl…at least I think that is a butternut squash bowl?


And have you ever seen a salad with roasted romanesco look like this? I mean it kind of is getting me all hot and bothered over here. #FoodLoverProblems


As someone who is constantly trying to find new recipes, Kenworthy opens the door into an exploration of food trends that are not only relevant but consistent with trying to live and maintain healthy lifestyles. He plays with color, palette, texture, and taste to create beautifully crafted, simple yet refined recipes that allow food to be holistic and healthy, without being a douche about it. That’s why I will continue to dream and swoon of the day when Adam Kenworthy can make me food in my New York City Apartment overlooking the park. Too much?

Now go forth, follow, like and who knows maybe you’ll have a dream of him making cooking a romanesco to the tune of Smokey Robinson.

Feature Image by Loren Paul by way of Adam Kenworthy’s Instagram








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