Love Handles, S1 E8: The Freedom In Saying ‘No’

I can’t believe that I have actually kept up with releasing a podcast every week for the past month or so!

It’s crazy because I have very real moments of not wanting to do it, or feeling like I am speaking into the void of existence that is radio. Every time I feel this reluctance to record, I decide to just record and see what happens, and usually, there is something there that I can work with—and right when I finish recording, a moment of happiness sweeps over me and I realize, “I did it!”

I’m feeling like I’m in an extra special place this week primarily because I haven’t had the best sleep over the past few days. It’s not even that I have much on my mind, I just feel like I have too much energy.

Anyway, this week’s podcast is all about saying no, as the title, I’m sure, tells you. Saying no for me is scary as hell. On one hand, I crave my freedom and independence, on the other hand, I am so extraverted I need to be around people constantly, this juxtaposition has made saying no to situations difficult, so I tried something different these past few weeks. Take a listen, leave me a comment, give us a five-star rating, or just say no to all of that.

Ciao for now!

P.S. That used to be how I signed off on emails in middle school. What a nerd! 

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