Astrologically Speaking, Get Your Career Together

The thing with astrology is that for the most part, I don’t believe anything regarding the fact that stars dictate the future, present, past, or relate in any way to the development of a personality for anyone. The only thing that it does for me is it helps feed that vanity chip in my brain that begs for self-analysis and understanding—that, and it’s fun.

I sort of view it in the same sense that people take personality quizzes or a Meyer Briggs test. If you believe it, the breakdown of your astrological sign can highlight strengths and weaknesses, goals, passion, love, etc., it feeds the introspection in all of us and gets you looking a little more intensely at aspects of your personality that, although broad, may also be true.

In an effort to get my shit together this month, I’ve sought out the help of the stars in order to understand all of the ways my birth sign dictates certain aspects regarding work, career, reputation and my daily life. You could look a little bit more in detail and check out your birth chart which will give a full breakdown of every aspect of your personality as it relates to the stars, or you can settle for the bite-sized version like I am doing here.



Professional Tennis Player, Maria Sharapova


The natural born leader who loves being in charge, but is a bit bossy, sound like you Aries? Well, this couldn’t be truer. You are a warrior and embrace any challenge by diving head first, and although this all sounds like it could be a little platitudinous, there might be some truth to it.

Your sign is naturally aggressive, making you excel in athletics or anything involving physicality. Even if you have some sort of a desk job currently, look for ways to incorporate your natural competitive behavior into your work life and you might excel at pushing papers.

I once had a manager who was an Aries, and she was such a hard worker, she constantly encouraged everyone to give 100% as she did, making the work environment thrive—unless she got too bossy. No need to sing your own praises or self-promote, allow your work ethic and intelligence to speak for themselves, this is the best way for you to rise to the top of any situation.

Ideal Careers: Entrepreneur, Publicist, Defense Attorney, Holistic Healer, Professor, Motivational Speaker, Stuntperson, Hairdresser, Salesperson, Magazine Editor, Agent, Athlete



Actor, Humanitarian, Philanthropist, Audrey Hepburn


Y’all always get the “lazy card,” which can sometimes be true, or it’s like the exact opposite and you’re the most stubborn person on the planet, which can definitely be true, but the truth of the matter is that you opposite at two speeds and two speeds alone. You will start off by taking your sweet time strategizing your plan to the exact minute of execution and then proceed full-steam ahead relentlessly, seeing everything through exactly as planned.

The truth of the matter is that you are one of the zodiac’s hardest working signs. You are persistent, loyal, organized, and meticulous, which allows you to make the weekends all about lounging around doing nothing. The only thing that can really benefit your sign is the ability to roll with the punches, because as I’m sure you’ve probably heard your entire life, “the best-laid plans of mice and men, oft go array.”

You’ve got a natural eye for aesthetics, beauty, and art, and while intrinsically artistic, you are organized, giving you strength in anything regarding creativity.

Ideal Careers: Banker, Manager, Real Estate Agent, Photographer, Filmmaker, Interior Designer, Dancer, Musician, Art Dealer, Restaurant Owner, Makeup Artist, Singer



Actress, Filmmaker, Director, Producer, Humanitarian, Angelina Jolie


Talk, talk, talking away, you are the master of communication, as I’m sure you have always been told. You could be a novelist, poet, songwriter, actor, anything that involves words and communication is your natural forté. That being said, you also are not the best communicators when you don’t know what you are talking about, meaning exaggeration kind of comes naturally to you. Take the time to delve deeper into topics and you will be a master communicator.

You are witty, inquisitive, and social making you flexible for various careers, although too much routine doesn’t suit you. Any career that involves lots of small talk, emails, phone calls, and small tasks will naturally suit you. The constant movement will allow your mind to feel stimulated and fulfilled, even though at times it can seem intense and constantly busy.

The one area you can work on is asking for help. You are fiercely independent and this can create serious issues for your work life. Teamwork is not natural to you as you like to be the star of the show, so working with a partner or teammate that understands you is important. Make sure to hold yourself accountable and to have someone else to hold you accountable for all your tasks as you like to avoid being wrong at all costs.

Ideal Careers: Journalist, Consultant, Web Developer, Agent, Entrepreneur, Makeup Artist, Hairstylist, Editor, Project Manager, Film Director, Yoga Teacher, Interpreter, Stand-up Comedian, DJ, Day Trader, Public Relations, Manager



download (3)
Princess of Wales, Member of Royal British Family, Humanitarian, Philanthropist, Princess Diana


How is it possible that you care so much about anything and everything? You have the emotional depth and wellspring of the Marianas trench, or possibly something deeper if there is something deeper. You are nurturing, protective, and shine the brightest when your career is focused on helping out other people. That being said, you might find it extremely difficult staying in a job that you are not emotionally impacting others.

You have a good deal of creativity and entrepreneurship and so long as you are focused on something that has a greater purpose than simply material status, you will shine. Case in point, your sense of purpose is integral to anything you do.

Consider you sensitivity Cancer, as you are prone to being overly sensitive to criticism and negative reinforcement. This is something that can be quite challenging for you if you don’t feel supported, especially by those closest to you. Remember, lack of verbal appreciation doesn’t mean your work doesn’t matter.

Ideal Careers: Corporate executive, Childcare Worker, Editor, Writer, Gallery Owner, Art Director, Interior Designer, Human Rights Lawyer, Urban Planner, Family Therapist, B&B Owner, Computer Systems Analyst or Programmer, Home-Based Business Owner, Organizational Strategist



download (2)
44th President of the United States, Politician, Barack Obama


Passionate, dynamic, and confident, you love a job where you can champion people or a good cause, Leo. Maybe that’s because you are a great performer? You have a ton of charm and ooze natural leadership qualities. You a notorious show-off who has a deep sense of pride and intuitively creative instincts.

While all of this is true, you also have a massive ego that is extremely fragile. Even writing this, I am nervous about hurting any Leo’s out there, but take it with a grain of salt, much like you should take criticism. Before you enter into a leadership position or the public eye, take the time to develop a tougher skin towards negative responses. This will help you out in the long run and allow you to roll with the punches and hopefully see things from the other side.

Natural dramatic, generous, genuine, and positive, find efforts that suit this charitable heart of yours. Search for paths that allow you to work independently and seek praise, but just remember, not all eyes are on you, the best version of yourself is one that is charming, charitable and collaborative.

Ideal Careers: Actor, Teacher, Counselor, Artist, Interior Decorator, Lawyer, Agent, Performer, Religious Leader, CEO, Event Planner, Human Rights Advocate, Children’s Author, Politician, Public Speaker, Motivational Trainer, Dancer, Owner of a Creative Empire, Fashion Designer, Game Developer, Animal Trainer




Singer, Songwriter, Queen, Beyoncé


Much like my favorite Virgo, Beyoncé, you are constantly working—neatly, strategically, and knee-deep in Lysol. You always need something to do, and this is why the majority of you end up becoming office managers, or in financial business departments. You need order, clean lines, and a clear vision for everything you do.

You are insanely detail oriented, making you the ideal candidate for tedious time-consuming tasks. All this said this doesn’t necessarily mean you are an organized person. Your version of organization can look extremely different from the Marie Kondo’s of the world. Just because it looks like a mess doesn’t mean you don’t know exactly where everything is.

It’s not your natural instinct to stand in the spotlight, but don’t be afraid of it. A good leader is purposeful, clear, responsible and precise, all things that do come naturally to you. Just make sure to loosen up every once in a while. While you are a perfectionist, you greatest critic will always be your self, and to be honest, nothing in life is perfect.

Ideal Careers: Office Manager, Veterinarian, Biologist, Accountant, Social Worker, Systems Designer, Project Manager, Holistic Healer, Nutritionist, Athlete, Performer, Wellness Coach, Lifestyle Guru



Actor, Comedian, Rapper, Producer, Will Smith


Hello Mr./Ms. Popular Libra. You are definitely someone everyone wants on their team. Why? Because you are a great manager, recruiter, charming, flexible, and the biggest team player, like, ever.

You are known for being great at getting to know people, and you have a mile-long contact list to prove it. This is your secret weapon, and you definitely need to use it to your advantage. Unlike all of the other signs, you rarely shy away from a party or networking event, because you are always in your element when you are “schmoozing.” While that seems superficial to others, it’s actually one hundred percent genuine.

You are flexible, understanding, and insanely just. You have a knack for diplomacy, justice, and intrapersonal connections. Be wary of always trying to be a team player, otherwise, you could tire yourself out trying to keep the peace between everyone. Like a good judge, even you need to make up your mind and trust your decision, regardless of the outcome.

Ideal Careers: Journalist, Fashion Designer, Interior Decorator, Creative Director, Artist, Publicist, Lawyer, Judge, Party Promoter, Makeup Artist, Food Critic, Human Rights Advocate, Filmmaker, Mediator, Agent, Broker, Engineer, Architect, Project Manager, Public Relations



The Hollywood Reporter's Annual Women In Entertainment Breakfast
Businesswoman, Media Mogul, TV Personality, Producer, Kris Jenner


That person you have been watching from across the room the entire evening, occasionally glancing your way, that’s Scorpio, and yes, you’ve already fallen for their magnetism, even though you haven’t yet met them. This is no wonder they are always on stage, screen, or on a podium because they love it and take it as a challenge.

Naturally persuasive, envelope-pushing, and both charming and repellant they seem, just think of both Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden—both Scorpios, one charming, the other repellant.

Although you seem to have an impenetrable exterior, your inner voice is usually the one that throws you off your balance. You are extremely determined, idealistic, and self-analyzing to your darkest faults. This means that you are your own worst enemy. That being said, take the time to process these emotions, and find alternatives to express them in healthy ways. This will make you rise above it all and reach your lofty goals.

Ideal Careers: Lawyer, Real Estate Mogul, Bodyworker, Yoga Instructor, Athlete,  Psychologist, Investment Banker, Psychic, Tax Attorney, Mortician, Journalist, Musician, Actor, Politician, Comedian, Chef



Animator, Entrepreneur, Voice Actor, Producer, Walt Disney


The life of the party, the office darlings, the jocks, the fun-loving, always excited, Sagittarius, you are the superlative winner of the zodiac. Which is probably true in life too. You probably get told more often than not that you are the adventurous, exciting, and restless zodiac sign? But for the most part, you always agree.

Your biggest difficulty will be finding one career to settle down nicely into. Most things come rather naturally to you, despite the fact that you do them in your own quirky and sometimes confusing ways, your saving grace is a passion for other people. You genuinely care about other people’s well-being, which you hone because you are deeply philosophical, curious, and creative.

You love to stay mentally stimulated so learning and growing will be something you always carry with you. You are bold, blunt, honest, and furiously optimistic that will thrive in an environment devoid of repetition. If you can focus your talents and efforts in one direction, and still maintain a natural balance between hobbies and boredom, you will find the perfect career for you.

Ideal Careers: Entrepreneur, Author, Publisher, Motivational Speaker, Designer/Creative Department, Salesperson, Professor, Travel Guide, Outdoor Worker, International Human Rights Advocate, Environmentalist, Freelance Anything, Comedian



Reverend and Civil Rights Activist, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.


You are the natural worker of the zodiac because you rule structure, willpower, and work ethic, Capricorn. Although you make a great CEO or manager, the rollercoaster ride of entrepreneurship might drive your nervous sign crazy. Owning your own business is the best headed by a well-established corporation or wisely chosen industry where profit is guaranteed.

Business is a natural strength for you Capricorn, but this is much truer when the nature of the work itself: status, productivity, financial success, are all at the forefront. Earth signs are attracted to stability, and you are more likely to take a more traditional career path than any other sign.

You are patient, determined, and cool under pressure, which makes you a great fit for high-stress jobs, just try to not overwork yourself. Do not pick up the slack of other people just because you are able to do it. Your integrity, honesty, and openness make you a great resource for guidance and mentorship to others.

Ideal Careers: Film Producer, Manager, Politician, Police Officer, Stockbroker, Doctor, President, School Principal, CEO, Financial Planner, Business Owner, Architect, Athlete, Business Mentor



images (1)
Media Mogul, Philanthropist, Talk Show Host, Actress, Oprah Winfrey


Aquarius is by far the least interested in anything regarding material pursuits, tradition, career, money, anything really. But maybe that’s why you are always on the frontline of progress and change because you are always looking at the big picture.

You are highly intellectual, inspiring, and very entrepreneurial. This might be because you have a natural gift for talking. You are very passionate about people, the earth, animals, and will likely find success in any career where you can give back with your time and money.

You are innovative, eccentric, and inventive, making any sort of creative work, or even work in math and science extremely gratifying for you. Aquarians desire to serve as a catalyst for positive change, so finding a career where they can channel this passion into work will make them excel. Just be wary of staying too far in the clouds and forgetting to come down to earth every now and then.

Ideal Careers: Teacher, Futurist, Scientist, Salesperson, Public Relations, Pop Star, Coach, Nonprofit Worker, Astronomer, Psychic, Healer, Talk Show Host, Author, Researcher, Computer Programmer, Inventor, Journalist, Author



Photographer, Ansel Adams


The one sign that is by far the most difficult to define, but maybe that’s because you are so dreamy and spacey and open minded. You are extremely empathetic, caring, and sensitive and always down to help a friend in need. Maybe this is because you understand people and human emotions at a deep and profound level.

Pisces rules areas involving dreams, creativity, and healing, making you naturally attune to artistic ventures. You have a natural capability to stretch the imagination and delve into photography, fashion, or even film.

Be careful of blurring the boundaries between business and personal which can often happen for your sign. You are a reluctant leader who normally shies away from the pressure and level of responsibility, but if the venture inspires you creatively, go for it.

Ideal Careers: Photographer, Filmmaker, Musician, Artist, Human Resources Director, Head of a Non-Profit, Nurse, Physical Therapist, Psychiatrist, Healer, Spiritual leader


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