Things I Do In LA

When thinking about this topic I was struggling a little bit because LA is home, so when I think of things I do, it never feels extraordinary or magical, it sort of just feels normal.

However, there are a lot of things that I do and feel comfortable doing, that I would otherwise think twice about in any other state. For example, I would feel comfortable stepping out in hot pants, a hoodie, and fur loafers, and would probably get compliments all day on my outfit, however, if I wore those same things in the bay, I might get a few odd looks and questions about my attire. LA has such a different culture than the rest of America, things out of the norm are pretty common but it’s also probably because people are carefree.

The truth is, that is all bullshit. It’s the same idea that we have regarding the French, they are mysterious, chic, effortless, and subtle.

The Angelino is relaxed, aloof, carefree, healthy, happy.

In reality, we are all just trying to get by the best we can, and don’t give two fucks whether or not you wear hot shorts and fur slippers out in public.

There is obviously no such thing as a perfect life and any true Angelino knows this to be true, but there are incredible moments. Moments when you pause and thank the universe that you live in LA, that you get warm weather regularly, that you can go outside an meet anyone and everyone because everyone is social, moments like…

Screen Shot 2018-05-11 at 11.16.07 AM

Waking Up Early & Grabbing Coffee at Met Her at a Bar

along with practically anything and everything on the menu. The thing with LA is that people here actually get up early—and although most stereotypically everyone is drinking green juice and opting for tea instead of coffee, that simply isn’t the case. Especially at Met Her at a Bar, where food and coffee come together in a cozy atmosphere by an Angelino couple who specializes in Belgian waffles and perfectly poached eggs.

Paper or Plastik

Grabbing Your Laptop and Hunting for a Spot in Paper or Plastik…

The truth is, this place is always busy. But, every now and then, when I need to get away from my house and venture out into the world of the living and actually get some work done, no place is better than Paper or Plastik Cafe. They have a section specifically designated for the laptop people, like myself, but for the most part, it remains open to actually socialize. However, I have found a seat, every now and then, and have enjoyed people watching, and if you go late enough, sometimes there might be a live performance.


Meeting Up With Your Sister for Lunch at Shefa Melrose…

is one of my most favorite things to do. Their menu is absolutely delicious and comes with an Israeli salad that is to die for. Honestly, it wouldn’t be a trip to LA if I didn’t stop off here for some good eats and equally good conversation.

Animal House.jpg

Finding Excellent Vintage Threads at Animal House

Okay, so this place is a gem. Literally, they have so many wonderful articles of clothing here despite its small appearance. You’re looking for a sunhat inspired by Brigitte Bardot? They have it. You want a Gloucester boot à la Mick Jagger? It’s there. Honestly, anything you are wanting to revamp your style or find a statement piece, Animal House is the place to look.

Playing a Game of Beach Tennis at Muscle Beach…

Literally, the best tennis game you will ever play. Even if you are new to tennis and have never played in your life, you can do this. Think of it more like oversized ping pong, except with a thicker paddle. You can rent them on the beach for $5 for 45 minutes, or if you spot him, there’s a little old man named Rich who will loan you a paddle for $10 all day. He’ll even give you a few pointers.

Walking the Venice Canals at Sunset…

I know, I know, I didn’t mention the beach at all, but honestly, it’s overrated. Instead, start your evening with a walk down the Venice canals and you will witness magic.


Dinner at Gjelina

In summary, the best veggie-centric Californian cuisine in Venice—dare I say, all of LA. Don’t be overwhelmed by the crowds, the vegetable sides and whisper-thin jalapeño and smoked mozzarella pizza are worth it. If you go early enough or have a reservation, you can snag a table on the patio and if the lines are too long, grab something to-go at GTA, their carry-out spot next door.

Illustrations via TWCreates

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