Jennifer Coolidge’s Instagram Has Me Peeing My Pants Laughing

I probably would have never come across Jennifer Coolidge’s Instagram in any sort of organic fashion, had it not been for Ariana Grande doing an impersonation of her on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. I shudder at the thought because since I have begun following Jennifer Coolidge, I have gained an almost saint-like level of appreciation for her—but like, really.

When I decided to check to see if Jennifer Coolidge was on Instagram basking in the effervescent glow of her days as Paulette on Legally Blonde, I was delighted to see she was still thriving and very different from the characters she portrays on film.

In fact, as her Instagram portrays, she is downright odd, but in the way that is endearing, and funny, and completely independent of outside influence. Below are four examples of the raw honesty and humble humor of Jennifer Coolidge and why you should go follow her immediately on Instagram…

A Vegan Fish Restaurant with Four and a Half Stars in  Pasadena…

I mean, if this is not relatable, I don’t know what is? Anyone who has an iPhone knows the struggles of Siri’s sass and general unhelpfulness. This moment makes me actually understand why People magazine writes, “Stars, They’re Just Like Us.”

Single for Thanksgiving…

“Does anybody know if this guy is single?? We have so much in common…” I relate to this on a meta level that is beyond human comprehension.

The German Voiceover

I watched this like five times, and every time I almost pee my pants laughing.

She Posts Videos of Her Family…

I mean…

The truth is, we can all learn a thing from Jennifer Coolidge’s Instagram. She is a celebrity that is not out of touch with the world, she is still very in touch with it and still very in touch with herself. Her videos and photos are funny, witty, self-deprecating, and poke fun at weird eccentricities we all have.

Jennifer Coolidge is a living legend who has single-handedly freed herself from the world’s judgment while living her best life. Now go forth and follow her, and then free yourself in the meantime.

Images via Self and Jennifer Coolidge’s Instagram


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