I’m Fully Aware How Insane This Is, But I Mean, C’mon

I understand that lifestyle blogs are sort of a way to present a life that is aspirational, which is really a weird sort of euphemism for making people envy you and shop accordingly, but at what point do we draw the line? By that I mean, if they are to be aspirational, then how much can I aspire to be organized because I am questioning every item in my apartment the moment I saw this picture on Instagram.

I mean, c’mon, is this even life?

I understand that the caption mentions it is for a party, but, I have NEVER been this beautifully organized for a party in my life.

There is possibly nothing I love more than a fridge that is clean, organized, color-coded and filled to the brim with La Croix and fruit—other than maybe one that also has champagne in it.

And because of this photo I immediately followed, favorited, and bookmarked this, along with several other photos of aspirational organizational images that I loved on their profile. It has almost become an addiction. I am admitting to an addiction of aspiring to have an organized home. That’s a thing, right?

I have always been a relatively organized person. As a child, I would attempt at organizing my friend’s bedrooms when I would get overwhelmed by the clutter sleeping over at their house. I blame this entirely on my parents. We kept our house like a museum, thus, everyone else home looked devesatatingly out of sorts. But, I have yet to invest the time and care to sort my own home in this manner, but now, as I am slowly packing up my apartment in preparation to move to Austin, I am deeply reconsidering everything I own.

The Home Edit is a company led by duo Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin, two California transplants now based in Nashville. They travel around the country working on organizing homes, offices, and lifestyles of the rich and famous, including Lauren Conrad, Mandy Moore, and the Kardashian/West clan.

Their brand makes me both aspire to live a life more organized life, but at the same time, doesn’t force itself on me. Instead, it kind of makes me want it for myself so badly because it will provide more clarity throughout my day.

Following The Home Edit provides a sense of calm in my everyday life. Every time I watch the video of Mandy Moore stepping inside of her pantry I swoon. Obviously, The Home Edit is a business, so their goal is to get me to become a client, but at the same time, I think they have created their Instagram account for me personally.

I mean, at the moment, I am packing up to move across the country to Austin—and while I am excited to get out there and organize and decorate my new apartment—I’m also blatantly aware of the cost at which this whole process takes.

Is there a way to somehow do this on a budget? Or does this mean that I need to purchase 40 rolls of paper towels and align them as done above?

Or will this forever remain aspirational, but not entirely realistic?


In need of a major rehaul of all of my belongings.

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