Looking Good While Doing Good, Pride Month Is In Full Swing

Although June is Organization Month here at Tova & Wild, nationally known it is Pride Month, which means that brands across the globe are doubling down on rainbow themed and glitter filled products to adorn everyone’s beautiful bodies.

And while I personally LOVE anything that embodies a shit-ton of color, LGBTQIA themes, or glitter, I also am so excited and inspired by the brands that are not only supporting vocally, but that are donating and supporting the LGBTQIA community as well. It takes so much more than just selling rainbow t-shirts in order to give back to those in need, and in order to make things easier for both you and me, I’ve cataloged the coolest Pride Month collections to shop this June. Now you can join in on the fun and look good while you’re doing good.



American Eagle 

Back at it again, American Eagle has launched their new line of Pride Month attire that is one of my top favorite collections right now. From t-shirts saying ‘Super Gay,’ to small embroidered rainbows saying ‘Love is Love‘ they just put you in the mood to waltz down at Pride parade feeling extra AF. Also, they are donating 100% of their proceeds to It Gets Better.


J. Crew X Human Rights Campaign

Hands down, my number two on the list, although I love all of the collections equally (wink, wink). J. Crew has teamed up once again with Human Rights Campaign and donating 50% of their proceeds to the cause.



Oh, Levi’s, it seems like nothing looks as good covered in a rainbow than denim, and you are always doing it in such interesting ways. For example, the jacket above, and what says pride like star adorned rainbow daisy dukes? Don’t believe me, check them out now, and delight in the fact that they are donating to both the Harvey Milk Foundation and the Stonewall Community Foundation.

Screen Shot 2018-06-08 at 10.54.16 AM

Lane Bryant

Launched their rainbow ‘Love’ t-shirt this June and has teamed up with GLSEN, an organization that works towards bettering education and communities in school for LGBTQIA students. Go and give them your money and they will give 10% of theirs.


Milk Makeup 

Is there anything better than glitter makeup? Yes. The answer is, yes. There is, and that is Pride glitter makeup that is donating 50% of their proceeds to The Center, an LGBTQIA center in NYC that works towards bettering the LGBTQ community.



Wildfang is one of those great organizations that donate year-round to various organizations, however, this month they have dedicated their ‘Wild Feminist’ t-shirt to LGBTQIA issues and thus are donating a portion of their proceeds to The Trevor Project.

Screen Shot 2018-06-08 at 11.00.10 AM

Converse X Miley Cyrus

Converse is back this month in partnership with Miley Cyrus who designed an exclusive collection that is donating a portion of its proceeds to the Happy Hippie Foundation, Rainbow Youth, Minus 18, and It Gets Better.

Now go forth, shop away, and then after you’ve celebrated Pride, in whatever way you choose, take it a step further and volunteer. Who knows, maybe I’ll see you marching out there! Happy Pride Month!

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