MTB: Week One is Done & I Already Feel More Present

Drew has started a solo journey into yoga called Moving Toward Balance: 8 Weeks of Yoga (MTB for short), that is hopefully yielding amazing results. Let the below serve as an inspirational kick in the yoga pants you need to get started, stay motivated, and tune into wellness. Or just live vicariously through his dramatic experience and call it a day. Either way, we won’t judge, but we might just inspire you to do it yourself. 

Yoga rainbow

If being more present means skipping days of yoga, thus having to make them up by doubling down on a few days, then yes, I am definitely more present.

Week one starts off by introducing you, I mean, me, the reader into the process of being more present throughout my day and throughout my yoga practice. Rodney Yee, or Nina Zolotow, define being present as, “means observing and responding appropriately to whatever arises.” I took this interpretation to mean, ‘after day three, Drew is tired of doing yoga, and would much rather eat a pound of chips.’ I didn’t actually eat a pound of chips, but I thought seriously about it while writing this.

I took being present, as being a little too present, and ended up only committing to my practice whenever I felt like it. By day, three I was behind, and by day five, I had to play full on catch up. So why was I allowing myself to do this when just a week ago I made a huge deal about recommitting myself to yoga? Why was I allowing my feelings to dictate my verbal, spiritual, and internal commitment?

I implore you to leave a comment below and give me some g-dang advice about my commitment issues?

Yoga Image 1

Day 1, Week 1

Success: The book recommends going through all versions of the pose—meaning some are easier than others—this was extremely helpful, and really made me aware of my breath during this process. Instead of trying to reach towards the difficult more flexible poses, I went through a gradual process, and my body became more flexible consequentially.

Struggle: Definitely had to be forward folding, as my hamstrings are pretty tight, and half moon pose, or arda chandrasana. Balancing against the wall was simple, balancing in a block and the floor while looking upward was much more difficult. I definitely didn’t feel a full range of motion and I fell three or four times on each side.

Day Two, Week 1

Success: The process of moving through a continuous practice was really nice. I was able to go at my own pace and feel the variations in my posture, stance, and breathing the entire time.

Struggle: Again, half moon pose (arda chandrasana) was extremely difficult.

Day Three, Week 1

Success: I skipped day three, and instead grabbed coffee with a friend.

Struggle: I skipped day three, and instead grabbed coffee with a friend.

Day Four, Week 1

Success: N/A

Struggle: I was exceedingly lazy and had no motivation to do yoga whatsoever. I did go for a run and worked out for about an hour and a half, so I felt like the exercise gods forgave me.

Day Five, Week 1

Success: Due to my laziness and general lack of commitment, I made up the past two days and finished a full hour length yoga practice today. I combined all of the poses and did them rather effortlessly. I really paid extra attention to my core whenever doing balancing poses, and found that when I activated (a fancy way of saying tighten your abs), I was able to remain balanced for longer than usual. I also realized that this took pressure off of my lower back and helped my posture.

Struggle: FUCKING HALF MOON POSE. I’m not sure why but I feel like I have absolutely no balance whatsoever and all of these people who do it effortlessly are really annoying. Does anyone else have this struggle?


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