MTB: The Illusion of Loneliness

Drew has started a solo journey into yoga called Moving Toward Balance: 8 Weeks of Yoga (MTB for short), that is hopefully yielding amazing results. Let the below serve as an inspirational kick in the yoga pants you need to get started, stay motivated, and tune into wellness. Or just live vicariously through his dramatic experience and call it a day. Either way, we won’t judge, but we might just inspire you to do it yourself. 

Yoga rainbow

Week two sort of began the same way that week one ended—playing catch up. Over the weekend, Morgan and I decided to take a spontaneous trip to Yosemite National Park leaving me exhausted from all the hiking, unmotivated to do yoga and glued to my iPhone for the next two days.

Seriously, being without an internet connection and cell reception for a couple days was extremely therapeutic, but as soon as I gained service I felt like a whole world happened without me. Beyoncé and Jay Z finally released their long-awaited couple album, Donald Trump started actively separating families of immigrants, and then retreated his actions because America literally, was not having it, and Morgan and I officially received our move out of California date. Needless to say, starting off the week with Yoga, would have been the best decision I ever made.

But I didn’t.

I struggled to feel motivated after such a long weekend, and then when I decided to jump back in, I realized how much I missed it.

The subject of week two is Awakening Connection, which is slightly ironic because we live in an age where there are so many g-dang ways to connect and communicate that it can and often does happen simultaneously, yet, at the same time, we still feel more disconnected than ever before. The author mentions that the truth is that we are not disconnected, but instead, it is an illusion of isolation.

When I first started my yoga practice, years ago, I heard this phrase and it was as if someone had turned the lights on for me in a dark room. I realized that I was not alone, the feeling was an illusion, it was conjured up by my mind. This is also probably simply defined today as FOMO (fear of missing out), but its rooted much deeper, especially with the way social media influences our culture.

Our brains create stories, fabricate truths, and distort reality to see ourselves and everyone else as competition—which then leads us into striving for goals, perfection, success, recognition, validation, we then compromise ourselves in order to become accepted. This is rooted in fear.

Yoga is a way to dissolve the illusion of loneliness by merging your breath, with your body, to your consciousness which then breaks down the alienation of self.

Yoga Image 1

Week 2

Success: The most gratifying thing about this weeks yoga sessions was the continuity between the poses and the meditation afterward. Every time I finished a session, I closed with a ten-minute silent meditation and reminded myself of the illusion of loneliness. It actually helped me let go of unnecessary things this week and kind of reminded me that I needed to recenter and refocus some areas of my life.

Struggle: Again, the struggle was just remaining constant. Some days I would feel less inclined to practice than others. That was really difficult to get over, especially for someone who is motivated by people and fun. I found days were easier when I reminded myself that I was immediately going to enjoy it.

ALSO, f-ing half moon pose. Has anyone out there find success with this pose or is it simply my lack of commitment that resulting in complete and utter failure of this pose?

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