Organization Month Wrap Up

That’s right folks, Organization Month will officially come to an end this weekend. To some, this could be a sense of relief, having flailed around all month trying to stay organized. For others, this could be a success, having risen to the occasion and overcome your own personal struggles to stay and be organized. Regardless, whatever outcome you have, I congratulate you, mazel!

For me, the challenge has long been trying to plan for the future—that is my organizational struggle. This month I attempted to tackle that by using a bullet journal and resetting my emotional clock by letting go of FOMO and deleting my Instagram—one of the three hasn’t worked quite as well as the others. The bullet journal proved to be a little less exciting than I thought, and quickly something that I could easily dismiss.

I think what started to happen was noticing that my days were much more fluctuating than I thought. I am able to sort of making my own schedule, and at the end of the day, my liveliness and the success of everything I do remains solely on my shoulders.

If I fail, I fail.

If I succeed, I succeed.

It is entirely dependent on me, and sometimes that is overwhelming, but most of the time it is tolerable. I know myself, I know my work ethic, I know that if something more exciting comes along throughout my day I’m easily detoured from daunting tasks to whatever is fun, new, and exciting; so in a way, I’ve learned more or less that organization isn’t entirely the problem. And now that I’ve put pen to paper, I’ve started to realize even more than before that the difficult thing for me is not necessarily organization or even commitment really, but lack of vision.

Hear me out for a minute, when I have a clear vision and distinct goal, I am easily able to organize my life and my priorities around said vision, but every time I lose sight of that or forget, I find myself detoured by the excitement of something new and shiny.

Oh, god I’ve just described a goldfish.

That’s me.

Drew, the goldfish.

Below are the stories in their simplicity and depth that summarize Organization Month. 

If you are looking to look back on the month and see how things lined up astrologically.

If you decide to pick up my failed attempt at keeping a bullet journal.

If you are hungry and realize that you only have a few ingredients in your fridge because you didn’t get yourself organized and go to the grocery store.

If you decide that you want to pick up yoga in order to help facilitate your emotional self.

If you are deciding upon organizing your life, in the most literal sense.

If you are interested in knowing how to be more productive based on the celestial bodies that be. 

If you are celebrating pride month all summer long and want to find worthy causes to donate your money to.

If you are seeking to be present.

If you are obsessed with crystals and find yourself organizing your life around them.

If you are interested in eating summery foods.

If you are moving or longing to decorate but haven’t quite bitten the bullet.

If you are wanting to learn where your loneliness stems from.

If you are interested in listening to music that I’ve curated for summertime.

If you are wanting to take a social media detox, thus organizing and prioritizing your mental health. 

If you are stuck wondering how to dress this summer.

If you want to get over FOMO, or potentially FFD—or at least understand what either of those mean.

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