My First Day in Austin

Lately, I’ve been really trying to become more territorial over my Friday/Saturday Shabbat situation because most of the time my weekends are jam-packed with so many activities, chores, and things that are left over from the week.

So when the landlord of our new apartment in Austin told us our move-in date was Friday the 13th, a mix of emotions came over me. 1) Excitement, because the number thirteen is really lucky for me and 2) total panic over the idea of not being able to keep Shabbat.

Regardless, I decided to light my candles anyway, say a blessing or two, and allow the rest of the evening and almost the entire day be a lesson on self-love. By that I mean, doing whatever the ‘f’ I wanted. Which in my case, meant staying out too late, dancing, and hanging with a really good friend. Whether or not this was self-love or keeping Shabbat, I’m not sure, but I’ll let you be the judge. I swear next week I’ll do better.

2:40 am PST

I wake up thinking my alarm is about to go off. I look over at my phone and read that it says 2:40 am. I go back to sleep.

3:40 am PST

I wake up, again, thinking my alarm is about to go off. I look over at my phone and read that it says 3:40 am. I go back to sleep.

4:40 am PST

Refer to previously mentioned timestamps.

5:40 am PST

My alarm is about to go off in five minutes. I close my eyes, roll over and attempt to go back to sleep.

5:45 am PST

My alarm goes off. I wake up, get out of bed, and jump in the shower. After a quick rinse, I brush my teeth, wash my face, apply L’Oreal anti-aging serum, Juice Beauty moisturizer, and fix my eyebrows, that are starting to look like large caterpillars on my face. I get dressed in what only can be considered as the ‘Summer of Love Normcore,’ i.e. tye-dye shirt, light Levi jeans, white Tommy Hilfiger sneakers, and a Levi jean Jacket.

Morgan is starting to wake up.


6:06 am PST

We leave for the airport, but because we’re staying at a hotel right by the airport, it only takes him five minutes to drop me off. The airport is packed and I get through TSA by 7:00 am.

7:30 am PST

Board flight. Sit in between two people who decidedly ignore my existence, after casually attempting to make small talk. Yes, I am someone who talks on planes.

8:00 am PST

In the air. Nothing exciting happens the entire trip except I almost fell asleep three times, had to pee three times, and forgot to bring both my laptop and my iPad on my flight so needless to say, I was bored.

1:30 pm CST

Landed. Safe. Sound. Need to pee once more. Does anyone else go the bathroom as much as me on a three-hour flight? Is this due to my constant need to stay hydrated or is it possibly due to the fact that being held in a contraption in the air is so unnatural that it causes my bladder to just feel like it constantly needs to pee? Maybe, its a combination of both.

2:00 pm CST

B, my really good friend who I casually saw every summer picks me up from the airport and we proceed to drive through DTA (Downtown Austin). I can’t go through my walkthrough until three so we decide to grab tacos as Fresa’s. I get a kale salad, she orders tacos, and we share some yummy Brussel sprouts. So far, the food is great, this place really reminds me of LA trendy tacos.

3:15 pm CST

I finally arrive at my apartment, and B and I go through the walkthrough. Now, first off, I have NEVER signed a lease for an apartment that I haven’t seen, but this time was a weird exception that I needed to make because we couldn’t just fly down and tour homes for a week. That being said, its an older apartment. For California standards, it’s pretty nice. For Austin standards, it’s pretty run down. Luckily, we can paint, and make updates if we want to. Sooooooooo. That might be a thing that is happening in the near future.

We drop off my stuff, which consists of two large suitcases, a carryon, and a backpack, and head out to pick up some things for my apartment.

4:00 pm CST

Texans, or maybe, Austonians, are really nice. Literally, my barista looked me in the eye, smiled, said ‘hi’ and talked with me as if I had known him my entire life. This was strange. Good. But strange.

4:15 pm CST

Everyone smiles at you whenever you make eye contact. Even if its super casual they just smile. Strange. I think my face doesn’t know how to smile, I sort of furrow my brow and squint awkwardly. Take note, must learn how to smile.

5:00 pm CST

We head out to the middle of nowhere to pick up my bed, which was ordered online and shipped ahead of time to one of Morgan’s work friends.

6:30 pm CST

B, my professional chauffeur and I arrive back at my apartment, unload everything and open both mine and Morgan’s beds. This takes a while and the beds, do not seem to be rising. I look online and read the instructions and realize that it says it can take anywhere from two hours to seventy-two hours to fully rise. SHIT!! I’m supposed to sleep on this tonight.

B and I talk for a while, unpack, and try to straighten things up.

Sunset is at 8:30 pm but we’re planning to go out for dinner so instead I light Shabbat candles and bless the challah early. I hope this counts. The time is 7:23.

8:00 pm CST

Arrive on 6th street, where apparently all of the bars and cool restaurants are in Austin. B and I walk around for about an hour before we decide to eat at this cool Argentinian restaurant. I have a salad and a vegetarian empanada. I’m physically exhausted, but I think somewhere in my mind I am past the point of exhaustion and have moved on to full hysteria at this point. We finish dinner at about 9:30 pm and walk around some more. Attempting to find a bar to hang out in.


10:00 pm CST

B drives me to her favorite lookout spot in Austin. I get a full glimpse of the city and snap a photo for Morgan, who currently is back in San Jose.

10:15 pm CST

We head over to another part of the town that is packed with people, drunk people. One vodka Martini, one Paloma, and one vodka soda later were dancing, laughing, and out until 1 am.

1:15 am CST

B decides to sleep over, and we pass out on my bed that has still yet to rise.

This is my first Friday in Austin. What do you think? Mundane? or Insane? It’s probably somewhere in the middle.

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