I’m Officially, Almost, Moved In Monthly Wrap Up

Movement Month, also known as the artist formerly known as I’m Moving Month, has been somewhat all over the place. In a way, it was sort of a self-fulfilled prophecy, and at the same time, it was also a product of a number of situations that left me out of control of the direction or path the month would go in.

This month I moved across the country from San Francisco to Austin, Texas. At the time it seemed like an effortless task, but as the days continued and as things started becoming more real, juggling everything became that much harder. Keeping writing deadlines proved difficult. Organizing my home was almost impossible. And remaining emotionally unfazed by moving away from my home state to a state that I have always resented, was entirely unrealistic. Needless to say, I’m Moving Month, proved to be more accurate than I had initially intended. I moved.

The first thing I learned from moving to Austin, was that the humidity was something that was real and that sunblock was ill-equipped to handle it. Literally, the first day I doused myself in sunscreen as I usually do, and when I arrived in Austin, my whole body glistened with purple dew that eventually turned my t-shirt into a damp piece of cloth. As I walked from the car to my new apartment building, a glob of sweat traipsed across my brow and wrapped itself around my neck. This has been the case, EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. I step outside.

The second thing I learned from moving to Austin, is that I would be much more heartbroken than I realized. Despite the fact that I bawled my eyes out days prior to moving, nothing compared to the actual realization that I was in a state and a city, that I wasn’t entirely thrilled to be in. I think more than that, it was a culmination of realizing that I would be farther from my family than I wanted—in a way, that was also the third lesson that I learned after moving to Austin.

Morgan and I have had quite a few ups and downs over the course of knowing each other. Our friendship has evolved, changed, and shifted so much but it’s incredible knowing that you can develop such real and deep bonds with someone built on mutual respect that almost develops into something of a brotherhood. I guess you could say that was my fourth lesson, although I would argue that I had known this for a while.

Shortly after the first week of me moving to Austin, I cried once more over the feeling of not loving the place that I am living—and as soon as the tears started falling from my eyes, a steady, and calming peace came over me reminding me that the decision to move here was the right decision. Intuitively, almost a year before we even thought about moving or the potential to move to Austin was realized, I had a gut instinct that this was going to happen. I told Morgan that it would happen and despite his retort, I reminded myself that I was right.

Three months ago, when we first heard the news that Morgan had an offer to move to Austin, I told him instinctively it was the right decision. I wasn’t entirely sure if I was going to be a part of this move, but Morgan saw potential and it was a combination of his intuition and mine that brought us to Austin. My fifth lesson was one that I have learned time and time again, listen to your gut.

Follow your instincts.

Trust your intuition.

Pray constantly.

Next month I am looking forward to swinging back into Tova and Wild and blogging like a mofo. That is my goal. Do you have any ideas was August should be? I’m open for suggestions.

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