The ‘G’ Issue

On July 30th, 2018, I sat in front of my computer staring, once again, at a blank screen, until I finally got so bored I clicked through a few links and landed on The New York Times Magazine homepage—it’s featured article, How Goop’s Haters Made Gwyneth Paltrow’s Company Worth $250 MillionOne click and several scrolls later I finished the lengthy article and held a deeper level of appreciation for Gwyneth Paltrow and Goop.

Despite her polarizing name, Gwyneth Paltrow has racked up a business model that I aspire to one day achieve. She is leading the charge in the wellness industry and although not entirely without flaw, has remained unscathed by the critics and haters who have questioned her ethics, pseudoscience, and magical approach to holistic living. This is why I love her.

My love of GP, which, I will now always address her, started when I wanted to eat healthier due to a family member having cancer and personally feeling the effects of backtracking on a vegetarian diet. In college, my relationship with food wasn’t exactly the epitome of health, and when I gained the freshman fifteen, I jumped into researching food, detoxes, and celebrity diets and stumbled into a cookbook by GP called My Father’s Daughter. Within minutes I was on my way to the bookstore, purchased a copy for $32 and that night I made my first GP approved meal of sole à la grenobloise with roasted garlic kale. Much, much later in my Gwyneth journey I committed to doing Goop’s annual detox, to which I will say, cost me a fortune, but also made me feel incredible.

Aspirational is definitely a word that I would use to describe Goop, but for me, it isn’t entirely about the products or food trends, it’s about the constant state of curiosity surrounding personal care and wellness that leads to shifting perceptions and ownership over one’s life—this is something that I admire about GP and I feel resides within me. I am curious about everything, I want to know why and don’t really care if I look like a crazy person for asking certain questions or trying out insane methods. I enjoy searching things out and taking ownership in areas of my life regarding personal wellness. I also like to see how those transformations impact the global community because I tend to think of myself as a global citizen.

Tova & Wild is sort of like that place that I get to question things that pertain to wellness, but it’s also a place that I want to cultivate a dialogue around lifestyle topics in a holistic approach—one that considers sustainability and recognizes what it means to be a conscious consumer—and that’s why I’d like to welcome you The ‘G’ Issue. August 2018 will be focused on a sort of Goop-ish approach to lifestyle topics with a dash of humor, a peppering of self-degradation, and a heaping dose of reality as it pertains to yourself and the world around you. My reasoning for honoring GP and all things Goop is due to the fact that I wouldn’t have begun my wellness journey without her. She reminded me what it means to love food and care about where it comes from, and in a way, encouraged me to take it steps further. This month is sort of a way for me to expand and refine what TW means, and focus my intention correctly to better communicate with all of you.

SOOOOOOO, drop me a line, leave me a comment, ask a few questions, submit an article, and let’s hash out The ‘G’ Issue together.


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