Answering the Call

Welcome to September, The Purpose Issue

After driving around to three coffee shops this morning, trying to find a seat at a table to “look pretentious,” as Carrie Bradshaw puts it, and pen the great American novel, I finally found a spot, right next to a charger, in the corner, beside an open window. I immediately felt relieved. I opened my bag, reached for my laptop, only to see a blue so obnoxious, only Jonathan Adler would love.

CONTEXT: Just the other day, I awoke to find that my cup of water had fallen over in the middle of the night and spilled all over my laptop. I screamed, cried, dried, and shut off the computer while I sat on the phone with Apple trying to schedule a diagnostics test to see if it was salvageable. I spent the whole day in a lull drained by the events of the morning, and after an encouraging phone call with my sister, headed to the store, bought some pens and legal pads, and began to write.

The process was nostalgic and for a brief moment, I could feel Joan Didion’s presence, wherever she currently lives, glide across the universe, and rest in my room.

Then I got a hand cramp and watched YouTube videos in bed.

Just a week or so prior, Morgan and I began developing a clear plan and purpose for Tova & Wild as my obsession for writing has become the most visceral and purposeful thing I have ever done. We talked for hours about the vision for TW and wrote out a business plan to commence work and organize the mess that it has previously been.

The whole thing felt very, start-up, but it was exciting and real and for the first time in a really long time, I felt clarity on my calling and the purpose of my life. What happened the days proceeding, were a shit ton of breakdowns both mentally and physically.

September has officially begun and I know, now more than ever, ‘intention’ will be the theme for the month. Maybe I could even call it, the Purpose Issue. Sounds cheesy? Sounds perfect. The thing with purpose is that it can be one of those things that your heart wants, craves, and needs, but inevitably ends in you fucking up in some way. The hope is that you will keep to your intention and go forth strong into the world like a shining beacon of wisdom, but occasionally, and more often than not, the situation lends itself to shit getting in the way causing you to crumble under the weight of anxiety that fills you with so much self-doubt, fear, and frustration that you honestly consider just throwing in the towel and wearing tracksuits for the rest of your life.

We want to walk through the process with you. I want to walk through the process with you.

That’s my purpose for the month of September.

I want TW to be the friend holding your hand through the shit storm, and walking you into a party of your favorite people playing the perfect playlist that makes you feel your happiest. Doesn’t that sound nice?

I’d love to hear some of the intentions and plans you want to make and hopefully, with support, keep this month. TW will be sharing stories on intentions, purpose, finding the calling on your life, and hopefully encouraging you to step forth into the beautiful bright future of your life.

L’chaim, mazel, and all the other good Jewish phrases that I forgot to mention,



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