Who Is Your Style Icon?

Recently, I’ve never wanted to raid someone’s closet as badly as I do Giotto Calendoli’s. He plays around with different textures, materials, characters and does it looking like the Olsen twins ended up staying in Rome, marrying his cousin, and influencing his personal style while smoking long stem cigarettes and dreaming of world domination.

On that note, I also am insanely obsessed with Caroline de Maigret. Always have, always will be. She’s French, cool, effortless, and always seems to strike the perfect balance between femininity and masculinity. There is subtle androgyny in her lewk and a sexy confidence that her personal style gives off that I’m obsessed with. She borders on rock and roll, and then in summer wears outfits that just ooze French countryside. It’s classic, comfortable, and always easy.

And at the same time, I completely want to be Iris Apfel and drape myself in jewelry, color, and pattern. I want bold expression, large contrast, and frivolity that borders on hoarding.

Within me, I have three personae’s fighting against and sometimes with each other to get out and experience life through my clothes. But when, if ever, do we find our personal style and actually embody the aesthetic we are trying to emulate? And, more importantly, how does one go about it when budget and reality factors in?

I know for myself, the way that I have added color into my wardrobe is by purchasing saturated button-downs and the like. But men’s style is so different from women’s style. It’s harder to find an interesting pattern and color in your average store—even vintage stores, unless your living in NY or LA—AND, it’s even harder to find an ethical store that creates goods that are doing good and helping the environment and their employees. I’m over box stores and fast fashion. I want substance.

I’m trying to incorporate more of the style that I want to emulate in my art and my home. Maybe by surrounding myself with icons and color and material, I will begin to see beyond the platitudes of the retailers around me and find hidden gems.

But enough about me—what about you? Who is your personal style inspiration? Who did it use to be? Mine has changed a lot. How do you incorporate their LEWK into yours? Are you intentional about it? Post pictures and stories and let’s hopefully inspire each other to be more creative and slightly more colorful.

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