Why I’m So Over the Moon This Tuesday


and was just so blown away by all of the love and support that I have received on this platform since I first arrived here this past spring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I never imagined one day that I would spend so much time writing and sharing my thoughts online, but this community that has seemingly popped up out of nowhere has really encouraged me to stay the course—my only hope is that Tova & Wild does the same for you.

I like to consider my blog something that is constantly evolving and longing, nay craving, writers and creators to build an online community that opens a conversation on holistic living, consciousness, activism, and sustainability with a dash of humor and a smidgen of self-deprecation.

For those of you that are new subscribers, I kind of organize everything into four expansive categories Goodness, Good Food, Good Style, and Good Vibes.

Goodness pertains to all things physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. I try to look at things unbiased as possible while constantly exploring new possibilities. Good Style looks at the methods and means to which we describe ourselves as it pertains to style, aesthetic, decor, and the like, as well as ways that it impacts both a local and global community. Good Food obviously is all about food, eating, recipes, and health choices that go along with it. AND Good Vibes is all about short stories, funny moments, and travel.

All of the illustrations are my own, along with all of the written content on the page, but I am always looking for writers, contributors and friends to partner along and use this platform in a way that is conducive to creating a more beautiful world, so if any of this sounds interesting and potentially worth your time contributing then click the flashing gif below.

Below are some fun little ways you can join my thankfulness party, as well as some gifts for you iPhone users out there.

Leave a comment linking to your blog along with some information about your blog, please avoid spammy posts.

Share this post with your followers or tag some friends so I can check out their blog as well.

Contribute to Tova & Wild content by submitting a story, essay, poem or some form of content that fits our vibe.


Follow my illustration work on Instagram.

Visit my Portfolio and hire me to illustrate for you…wink. wink.

Check out others bloggers, like my friend SoyVirgo

Download a free illustrated wallpaper by yours truly.

Again, thank you so much, new followers! I love you like I love listening to Solange, staring at chandeliers and eating the last bit of ice cream, and that’s real love.

1 Comment

  1. Thank you so much for mentioning me i might cry
    I actually didn’t think you were the artist…not to be rude, but really I thought you were more of like a news site, like teen vogue ya know? I didn’t think it was just 1 person writing, I felt like there was many people behind this site.
    also I didn’t realize how many followers you had, I don’t really focus on that when I follow someone, but I thought you’d have more!! Which made me think your blog, this blog, a.k.a YOU wouldn’t notice me, I guess. Does that make sense?
    But, your name says Drew Albo… so I just thought a Drew would be the owner and there were many other writers.

    Let’s hope we get more followers this 2019 ♡
    ― Kiki


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