I Didn’t Remember Your November Tovascopes Until Last Night at Midnight!

They’re late, but they’re here. Apparently, I didn’t get the rush of energy in Scorpio season because I was too busy stressing out over the midterm elections. So sue me. Regardless, I’m feeling sassy, strapped in for adventure, and ready to take on the month with all of you lovely creatures like never before.

I hope you feel the same.

As always, I read your monthly horoscopes via the interpretation of the Astro Twins who offer a wealth of information, kewl tips, and even do entire birth chart readings, and break them up into bite-sized pieces of information for you, dear reader. This month at Tova and Wild we’re focusing on giving back, and all of the good things associated with it, so continue reading below for your synopsis of November and check out Astrostyle.com for more details.



All good things.




Happy Birthday, Scorpio! Although we’ve been well into Scorpio season, there is no time like the present to start celebrating, Over the past couple of months it seems like every Tovascopes that I’ve written has been leading to a culmination into the Scorpio season because you are ready to shine. It’s like a new spotlight has fallen down from the heavens and landed into your lap featuring you. The Astrotwins predict the start of 7th’s new moon, will bring about a new cosmic shift allowing you to launch your budding brand, move past the drama of tomorrow, and allow your supersized plans to come about. Money, business, and tangible success are on the horizon so just step into it.

With November’s focus for the month as giving back, are there any ways that you could use this new platform to launch something that will not only be beneficial for you, but for others? If so, do it. All of those weird complications in friendships and relationships are going to fizzle out around the 16th so band together with friends, and put them to work on those practical tasks that can take your dreams to the next level. Scorpio’s are known for having magnetic energy, so I’m sure you can muster up a moment of charm and dazzle to woo someone over to merge joint ventures and build key business or personal relationships.

I know, it’s all work and no play this month, but to be totally honest, you know you love it.


Hey!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How’s it going? Are you feeling excited because November is also in a way Sagittarius month? You should be. The spotlight is also going to be shining on you this month. It’s probably felt like maybe these past few years have been allowing you to really work on your inner life, but all of that soul-searching has created the space to launch some major projects Sag. You’ve been paying your dues, making money moves, and dancing your way to making things feel like they are finally going your way.

At the same time, because we’re still in Scorpio season, you might be feeling a bit sluggish. Keeping routines have never been your forte, but use the intensely wired moments to your advantage, and when things just aren’t flowing naturally, take a moment to pause. Giving month might create the perfect space to work on your routine to look into new volunteer opportunities that might be right up your alley.


Let it go!!!!!! Let it go!!!!!!! Can’t hold it back anymooooorrrre! That’s you this month Elsa, sorry, I mean, Capricorn. There has been something in your life that has been fully exhausted to almost every end. It’s time to let that emotional drain heal and move onto something that is bigger and better and honestly, not so damn exhausting. The Astrotwins predict that this is going to be the most perfect time to leave the comfort zone. Which, I know, sounds extremely scary, but all of that attachment to material things and success and even your relationships need to shift in order to allow you to learn to surrender.

There are greater forces at work in making your dreams come true and if you just allow these moments to shift, you are definitely going to relish the change. Forgiveness is a powerful tool and one that you aren’t exactly the best at allowing work into your life. Oh also because its giving month we suggest putting some time into other people and causes that you are passionate about. Sometimes the best medicine is seeing the growth and beauty of another person shine.


You have been busting your ass for a while now, and Mars will not be back in Aquarius for another two years so now is the time to go, go, go. Honestly, there is so much movement in this month it kind of feels like Sagittarius season, but we all know Scorpios are the ones that make things happen. With mars not living in your house for a while, you need to take advantage of this planetary opportunity—it’s basically going to allow you to seize every moment this month and allow your focused goals to shine. Which, we all know, for Aquarius, focusing isn’t necessarily your strong suit.

By the end of the month, you are going to be seeking friends and relationships that can accentuate your enthusiasm and expand your worldview beyond the immediate. Its very Aquarian to care for things beyond the material so maybe, just maybe, you’ll use this Scorpio surcharged energy to allow you to work with organizations and brands that share common values. Allow your innovation to shine BB!


You have been taking the back burner for a hot minute Pisces and to be frank, we’re kind of over it. You need to shine! You need to dream! You need to allow this planetary combination to aid you in taking a giant ass leap of faith into the future. We’re over you sitting on the sidelines. Now is the time for action and there has been something on your mind that you have been toying with all year so stop tinkering and get shit done.

Sorry. I’m just really passionate about seeing my planetary sister being the full potential that you are. Travel could be on the horizon this month so take advantage of the opportunities that pop up that allow you to broaden your focus. There are always moments on any vacation where I often start to think about what is actually happening beyond the world of my hotel, and I believe you have this moment too. Instead of just letting your mind wander, consider taking the time to look into them and find out opportunities that you can work with organizations, even if brief, and see the world through new eyes. That’s all, love you, k bai!


Your planetary twin celebrity is America Ferrera. I know! She’s incredible! And, has been so freaking vocal these past few months if you’ve followed her on Instagram you know that she has had voting and the Latinx community on her mind. You, kind of have been in the same front for a hot minute. Taking every opportunity, moving things around, and speaking up for practically everything. You are like the ideal advocate. However, things are going to shift this month and make you a little bit quieter.

Okay, okay, maybe not quieter, but at least a little bit more introspective. It’s mainly because you are so passionate about so many things, but instead of shouting from the rooftops, maybe consider waiting for the most opportune moments. There might be a lot of those this month especially ones that look like inspiring edutainment projects or media meetups or potentially launching that book that has been on your computer for a while now. Whatever it is, use your platform and allow your energy to really saturate in your values, it will make you a more effective speaker.


I hate to break it to you BB, but this month it’s your planetary opposite’s time to shine, and unfortunately, that means it your time to work on some things emotionally. You might have been feeling a lot of strong emotions, drama, and even inconsistencies from loved ones, which is causing your fixed sign to feel a little frazzled, to say the least. Intimacy is going to be an important element of your month that could bring about newfound spiritual and emotional breakthrough across all fronts.

These moments of transition are always opportunities to take a moment to look inward, and then outwardly. By the end of the month, you are going to be looking at things a bit brighter and a bit more carefree. By the time we enter Sagittarius season, you are going to be ready to take a leap of faith, and maybe even push your own boundaries.

Way to go!


You have taken a seat at the table Gemini, but unfortunately, unlike everyone else, you have not partaken in the meal. That’s because your mind has been all over the place and you’ve been kind of leaning into the Type A attributes of your sign to make things happen. Unfortunately, you can’t simply rely on that aspect of your personality forever. You need to allow the other side to shine and flourish. If you’ve taken sort of drifted away from your ideals, a surge of activism could be released disrupting the status quo. Take the time to lean into this activist side of your personality and listen to cutting-edge activists and contributors to causes you are passionate about to allow you to find new, maybe even technological, ways to share the message. November 26th is an especially lucky day for you this month, and everyone else in general, so circle it and when that work opportunity comes up, take it.


I know things have been somewhat crazy for you since the start of Scorpio season, Cancer. Honestly, they’ve felt that way for everyone else too. All of this chaos is usually very disturbing to you, as you like to keep things nice and tidy, but lean into it. All of these unexpected opportunities that have sprung up at work and in your relationships could allow you the perfect opportunity to collaborate with some new avant-garde acquaintances, maybe even a fall romance?

Besides all of this, something new is heading your way either in work or your relationships. Take the time to take stock of how you feel, what you want, and where you want to go in order for you to ensure that you are ready for new things. Metaphysical studies or religion could be a saving grace this month so if you haven’t given it the proper time, invest in moments of study and solitude. While you are relaxing and rejuvenating, don’t forget, the best medicine is seeing the warmth of a smile on someone’s face. *cough* The Giving Issue *cough* I’m pretty sure I read that on a Hallmark card.


You have been fully leaning into fall like no other sign, Leo. You may have been investing in new Hygge decor, clothing and all the material things to make your home feel perfectly ready for cuddling and warmth. Honestly, it’s amazing how great Leo’s look in fall clothes, but let’s get real, are you really nesting and putting all this energy into your home because you’re wanting sparks to fly with someone who is drastically different than your usual glam get-up?

Love is basically on your mind this season and if you’ve been single for a while, you might be getting new interactions with cuties that are different from your normal type. Don’t leap quite as quickly as you would like to, instead, consider why you’ve been feeling this way. You could end up repeating a situation that didn’t end well and a lot of unresolved feelings and tension from past relationships could rear their ugly head.

In lieu of this sexual tension and emotional build-up, might I suggest working with an organization that can distract your mind long enough and use that energy to changing someone’s life? Just food for thought.


You have been a whirlwind of energy the past few weeks booking appointments, making meetings, meeting cuties, and hanging out with friends. Honestly, you love all of this exciting energy and its actually all kind of good. There is basically going to a big shakeup in your finances and emotional and sexual affairs this month that are going to be game changers. Just be open to change.

By the end of the month, things are going to calm down and you might be into nesting mode. Maybe even setting down some roots in a new space that you never considered before. Your fourth house rules women and children so a really great opportunity could come up that allows you to give more energy into inspiring females similar to you. This might actually bring a lot of healing to some inner wounds with your mom or mother figure—although you might go through a couple of more painful moments as your relationship dynamics change.


Balance could be the most difficult word for you this month, Libra. Instead, things might be feeling more like a pendulum swinging rather dramatically between transition periods. Luckily there is going to be some stabilizing energy because of Scorpio that is going to allow you to focus on routines, money, and health goals that will give you an extra boost of structure this Scorpio season. The one thing that you have the hardest time doing, more than any other sign, is taking care of yourself, and you need to do it.

November 16th is shifting things communication-wise, and this shift could put a backspin on any sort of information you share. Be careful what you say and how you say it because you might actually step on a lot of toes this month, which, as we all know, you hate doing. Just consider focusing less on others and more on yourself, regardless of Tova & Wild making this month about giving, maybe you could be on the receiving end of that situation, for once in your life.

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