I Had the Best Birthday Dinnerrr!

In all honesty, I’m not trying to toot the fuck out of my own horn here, dear readers, its just happening naturally, because my friends, who happen to be the most lovely people in the world, threw me such a great birthday dinnerrrr I needed to sound like a moron from a vortex in the cosmos somewhere over LA where words are exaggerated and drawn out letter repetition is as common as the word hella, and only, obviously, express the qualifications for a highly active social life.

Let’s just say, it was fully equipped with vodka, cheese pizza, and dancing to 80’s music until 2 am.

Honestly, there was a large part of me that was very sad. In fact, two days before, I had moments where I was questioning so many things because a sweeping amount of sadness was surrounding me and turning me into a prodigious asshole attempting to not care about my birthday. I started whining about it to my friends so they banded together and decided to give me a night filled with fun, music, dancing, and in turn, I gave them a horrible drunk rendition of a Dominican woman from New York City named Dionne.

Honestly, why do we get sad around our birthdays? I’ve been thinking about this for a while because I’ve asked several friends and most of them agree that moments before they do get a little sad. It’s kind of like New Year’s Eve, we hype ourselves up thinking it’s going to be this amazing event only seconds after it hits, being somewhat disappointed that you put any significance on it at all.

It’s kind of the same for birthdays.

Or at least, that’s what happens in my head. I start rationalizing the point of celebrating altogether and try to string together past examples of great birthdays only to surmise that most of them have ended up somewhat anticlimactic, not worthy of the stress, and, in my case, consisting of a break-up. However, the optimist in me thinks those are flukes.

I have had memorable birthdays—ones that completely caught me off guard—and reminded me that I was loved by people that I loved in return.

To put it simply, isn’t that exactly what they are for? To remind yourself and to remind others that you are loved? Honestly, any version of that is perfectly adequate and worth the hullabaloo. Maybe, the reason we get sad is that we fear being rejected by the ones we love and aren’t sure if anyone does care about us, in the same manner, we care about them, making our birthday one of those times that friendship, love, and family are the most important to us.

Ugh, I’m striking a nerve. If this is you or is someone you know, maybe give them a hug and tell them you love them. That’s what my friends did and it made me feel so much better. Leave a comment below if you feel a certain kind of way about birthdays, then slip me your birthdate so I can add it to my calendar and give you a shoutout on the glorious day your mother did the splits for hours in labor to give you to the world.

Too graphic.


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