In My Dreams, I Live In A World Where Climate Change Doesn’t Exist, But It Does.

I am writing this sitting in a coffee shop, after spending a weekend lazily doing nothing, except shopping, watching movies, and eating. 

I decided to release a statement about the past weekend because I needed to explain how easily it is to forget important things when Black Friday sales, Cyber Monday deals, and Thanksgiving hangovers of turkey can create a lapse of consciousness in one’s mind, which is exactly why the Trump administration decided to release a 1,656 pages assessment addressing the devastating effects of climate change on the economy, health, and environment, the day after Thanksgiving. 

Yeah, that’s right. The Trump administration, mandated by Congress, along with 13 federal agencies released a document addressing the very dire consequences of scientifically researched climate change.

Naysayers, it’s time to stop naysaying, and leave that to horses. 

When I initially read the report, my immediate reaction was anger, at the current administration for its timing to release the document, one that entirely got swept under the rug by such a fast flowing news cycle, Creed II, and tear gas being administered at the Tijuana border to migrants, and then I felt deeply compelled to share the information. I screenshot the title of the article, wrote a quippy little tagline, and posted it on my Instagram story and wall, as per my millennial roots and immediately felt a release. 

It was as if the information that I read was channeled, processed, and spewed out so quickly that the depth of my frustration wasn’t even fully processed. This is the problem with social media, the internet, youtube, the list could go on endlessly—we don’t have time to process. Everything has to be delivered on a silver platter, wrapped up neatly in 140 characters, sorry 240, and then shared for the world to read, but the actual effects of the information are relatively shallow. 

With the release of this document on Black Friday, a day when thousands of Americans wait outside of stores in a frenzy to shop for a holiday that lasts for a day, a day when relatively no one posts on social media, a day when no one sits around casually to read the news, in an effort to minimize the impact made by this assessment—AND what’s even more infuriating, is that I regurgitated the information so quickly, that for almost the entire weekend, I forgot that the document had been released. 

BUT, in an effort to stop giving a shit about whining and feeling frustrated about my apathy regarding certain things, I am going to give myself so permission to reject former mindsets, and reach for justice. In fact, if, in the past, you have been someone who has wanted to do more, and cared about social justice issues, even in the slightest approach, I give you permission (although you don’t need it) to reach.

Just reach a little bit.

Read a little bit.

Learn. Study.

Shout out your findings from the rooftop and start governing your own process. 

Then, take some time to read the report that was delivered this past Friday. It’s incredibly important to not sit by and just allow things to get swept up in news cycles and Cyber Monday deals. If you happen to use a plastic shopping bag the next time you go to the store, all the while knowing that plastic is absolutely horrible for the environment, it’s okay. Next time, don’t do that. Then, pick yourself back up, read the article again, and strap yourself in for an environmental journey. 

That’s all.

End rant.

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